Garage Doors

For many, the garage door is one home feature that many put at the bottom of the list, but have you stopped to think about how much of the front of your home is a garage door? Even the slightest stylistic upgrades to your door from beautifully realistic wood grains to elegant tinted glass windows can make a world of difference and set your home apart from the rest. At Cedar Park Overhead Doors, we’re committed to finding the door that you want, not the door that we want to sell.


Depending on what you elect to do with your garage door space, proper insulation can transform your garage into a much more pleasant space. Is your garage simply a storage space for old tools and unwanted Christmas presents from the in-laws, or is it a workshop or studio that receives notable traffic? Objectively, an insulated garage door improves the structural integrity of the door. Additionally, the “R-value” of your door is a technical metric for how well insulated it is; the higher the R-value, the more your door acts as a barrier to the outside, keeping the heat or (occassionally) the cold out. For many of our customers, this is very important, so insulation options are always avaiable.

Most of our manufacturers offer varying degrees of insulation. Vinyl back insulated doors are often comprised of polytyrene or polyurethane foams that are similar to a styrofoam. Instead of the bare steel that is also the facade of your door, vinyl backed doors will have panels of this foam that add an extra layer of protection.

Steel back insulated doors are often triple layered comprised of the outer steel that you can see from the street, polystyrene or polyurethane center, with an additional steel backing. These doors are usually the best insulated options out there and look beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Not only are these doors some of the best for keeping your garage temperate, they also add to the structural integrity of the entire door, making it less likely to be severely damaged.

Insulation options, materials, and pricing will differ by manufacturer and type of door. Give us a call today to discuss having insulation added to your door or getting a brand new insulated door! Whatever your goal, we are happy to offer our expert advice and service.

Vinyl back insulated polystrene garage door. View from the inside.

Wood Doors

Custom-built real wood garage doors accent your home, and the natural wood grain enhances the beauty of the doors. Only real wood looks like real wood. From the most basic wood overlay doors to complex patterns, windows, and inlays, whatever you want to do with your doors, we can do it.

Steel Doors

The standard steel garage door. The most common, reliable, and cost-effective solution. If you just want the basic door to replace the builder’s door you already have, this is the place to go. You can also upgrade to windows, pattern changes, insulation, and wood grain.

Carriage Doors

Carriage house doors add style and individuality to your home. From the simple bead board pattern to a door with windows and decorative hardware, the right carriage house style door can really enhance the look of your home.

Full View Doors

Full view or aluminum, all-glass doors are becoming more popular with customers looking for a contemporary design. Different colors, tinted glass, and even a limited amount of insulation can make these doors a great choice for your home.

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Killer price! Great install. The whole experience was amazing. Jonas, our rep wo came out to give us the quote and was the one who installed the garage door. They did an excellent job. I could not be any happier with our decision to go with CPOD.
Javier J.

This company is Awesome, Shelby was my Tech and inspected my Garage Door Opener, He was Honest and Genuine This company is not going to rip you off or over charge, There Genuine, and you can trust them Totally. Good People you can Trust!
Romie S.

Shelby, with Cedar Park Overhead doors came out for a service call on our garage door. What a nice, respectful, knowledgeable person he was. He quickly assessed our problem and corrected it. We won’t use anyone else for our garage door needs.
Mary M.

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