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Wood Doors

Custom Wood Doors

Cedar Park Overhead Doors builds custom wood garage doors in our workshop in Austin, Texas. After much experimentation and research, we decided that Custom is best. This allows us to ensure the quality and features of the doors that we sell.

The Central Texas environment puts a lot of stress on a door and not all door companies are putting in all the effort and materials required to build a quality door.

In 2021 we built more than 220 custom wood doors mostly installed locally. If you are interested in a custom wood door, give us a call or come to our showroom and see what we can do.

custom wood garage doors

We Do It Better

We build wood covered doors here in Austin Texas. We are not the only company to do this. We believe that our doors are better. We offer better warranties and believe that we make a high quality wood door.  There are plenty of companies that screw, glue and nail fence wood to the side of a metal door then throw some fence stain on it to give you that Wood door you “dreamed of”, but how long will that last? 

Outlasting the Elements

Take a close look at wood doors as you are driving by on your way home, it looks OK, nice, even. Now get out of the car and walk up the driveway to look closely at the door. Or drive the same street for 4 years and you see what begins to happen. When it rains,  water hits the door and then runs down and sits at the bottom boards of the door. The trim boards on the bottom soak up the moisture and crack and warp. The nail holes open up and rust. The knots fall out. The sun fades the bottom half of the door. This isn’t just because the door was built with Cedar.  It is because the builder used a coat of fence stain that does not protect the wood from the water and the sun. This costs hundreds or thousands of dollars of upkeep, repainting, repairs, and replacements.

This could have been avoided by using a better stain. Because of the strong sun here in Austin, we decided to use ‘PPG ProLuxe , a multi coat waterproof stain and sealant system that protects the door from water and sunlight. After 3 years in the direct sun, we recommend painting on a new coat of the UV protection with a brush. No sanding, no removing the old stain. It looks better with each coat.

Our Solutions

We used to believe that a custom wood door that is built on a commercial metal door is a very durable and cost-effective method. While this is still true, the cost of steel at this time and the delays in obtaining steel doors is making all All Wood door a reasonable choice. Let’s look closer at both options.

The Metal Wood Clad door: This option involves using a galvanized steel 24-gauge commercial metal door and overlaying the wood onto the door. This 24 gauge steel door is strong enough to support the wood that will be mounted to it.

custom garage doors
custom garage doors

The All Wood  Door: In the event that you want an All Wood door, we can build that too. In this case a strong frame of wood is made and then we internally support it and cover the back of the door  with another layer of wood. This means the onside of the door looks great and the door is strong enough to handle all of the forces. It also means that the door will likely have less shifting of the wood over time because the materials are similar and contract and expand at similar rates. 

The hardware provided with our door is all commercial grade. Most of the doors we build are covered with Western Red, kiln-dried Cedar. This wood is very insect-resistant, light-weight and cost-effective. Of course, a door can be built of other types of wood as well, but the weight of the door and the cost of the wood make it a little more challenging and expensive. Cedar is also better at holding stain and wood preservative and tends to last longer in the Texas heat. 

Warranties on Wood Doors

We warrant the parts and labor on our custom wood doors for three years from the data of installation. This warranty covers the parts and the labor. It does not cover the wood on the door. The Wood on the door is covered for two years if we finish it with Sikkens. If you finish the door or your builder we do not cover the finish on the door or wood that cracks and warps.

Another concern with wood doors is protecting them during a new home build. If the driveway is not installed, we recommend temporary doors until it is done. We will install them for a very low fee and you can call us back when the driveway is completed.

Another possible issue is if we are not finishing the doors and we install them “Naked” and it takes a couple of weeks to get them finished by the builder or contractor. They may change color in the sun or warp if they are rained on. It is best to protect the doors and finish them as soon as possible. If we do not finish the doors we will not warrant them against wood concerns.

Finally, The wood used most often on these door is Cedar. Cedar is not a dense, fine cabinet wood. There will be knots, rough spots, cracks and color variations. See our showroom doors for examples of this. If you want perfect wood, we can make them for you, just let your salesman know.

Another concern increasing with wood doors is painting the door black and facing it into the sun. This causes a lot of heat and heat will cause the wood to contract, split, bubble, and move on the door. We do not recommend or warrant doors that are painted a dark color and then face south or west in direct sunlight. There will be wood shifting, paint bubbling, and joints cracking.

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