Wood Free Garage Doors

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Wood Free Garage Doors

Custom Wood-Free Garage Doors

Ready to change the look of your home? Custom Wood garage doors make a big first impression. Cedar Park Overhead Doors is proud to present the next thing in custom Garage Doors: the ‘Wood Free” custom garage door.

The wood-free door looks like real wood, but is better. It has insulation value to it (R9). It is lighter and safer than a real wood door. It looks like “Furniture Quality” wood. It is maintenance free.

Many people are looking for the stained look of real wood but are not willing to deal with the upkeep. The requirement to refinish the garage door every two to three years, the excessive weight of a wood garage door and the inherent characteristics of wood make it a less desirable product. The good thing about a wood garage door, however, is the beautiful and elegant stained look of real wood. Until now, you either had to have a real wood garage door or settle for a painted one. A few vendors are making a steel garage door that is painted to look like wood. While some might find this acceptable, others think it does not look “real” enough. Other vendors have created good-looking fiberglass garage doors that simulate the real wood look. Most do not sell them in Texas because the sun can discolor the fiberglass.

That is why we build the “Wood Free” door. This product is painted at the factory in one of six different colors for a more uniform and durable finish. They are Dade County UV rated and approved and Dade County wind load approved. This product has great dimensional stability and a strong factory finish.Click here to see some of the projects that we have installed in Austin.

Think about it. A beautiful garage door that is highly durable, lighter and safer than a wood garage door. No maintenance projects every three years. It’s tougher than a steel garage door.

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Why choose a Wood Free Door?

What are the important points to remember about wood-free garage doors?

  • Durability—Five-year warranty on the doors. No splitting, fading or cracking, like wood can do. Bugs, rot and peeling? Maybe on wood garage doors, but not on wood-free.
  • Paint—Pre-finished at the factory with six different colors. Doors can be faux painted years later to freshen up the look or to match new shutters or a new front door.
  • Weight—A large garage door (16′ x 7′) weighs only 100 more pounds than a typical steel door (300 lbs.). A double steel insulated door weighs 280 lbs. A wood door weighs more than 450 lbs! Safety is a big issue with real wood garage doors. Too much weight can be dangerous! Wood-free garage doors are lighter and safer.
  • Options—Try to get real “distressed (Pecky) cypress” wood on a garage door today. Look at the texture, pictured to the right.
  • Perfect Finish. If you want the look or real wood and no knots, cracks, holes, or warping then this is the product for you. It is very expensive to make a furniture grade wood door that can match this look. Plus all the other features of this product.
  • Insulation—Wood garage doors have some. Wood-free garage doors have more. It’s a resin cast urethane foam. Plus, it is installed on an R7 double-steel insulated garage door to give you the the combined R value.
  • We recommend this door when you are looking for a “perfect wood” finished garage door. It’s a very elegant look.

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