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24/7 Emergency Services
(512) 335-7441

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of garage door companies out there, but not many who have been in the business for over 30 years locally, who are family run and operated, and who provide FREE estimates with no trip fees to there customers. Why choose CPOD? Take a look!

Why choose Cedar Park Overhead Doors?

  • Free Estimates for residential work. If you have a garage door or opener problem and you don’t know how to fix it, call us to come and look. We will give you a free, honest estimate. If you don’t like our options, we go away at no cost to you. We think you will be very happy with our quote.
  • Low emergency Fee. Because the current state of the market during this post Covid period (06/30/3022), we are overbooked and overworked. We have implemented an Emergency fee to help ensure our technicians can get to all the places they need to. If you need us there same day or want to be service faster then our current wait times, we will charge $75 and task a technician to go out to your house today or tonight or as soon as possible. It will add another job to a fully scheduled tech and some of this money goes to the Technician for taking on another job. We hope this fee is temporary and that the market cools down or we can hire another 15 technicians to address the problems. We are hiring and we are training.
  • We are local. We live in Cedar Park (really). Not a national franchise or another call center in Dallas or Houston. If you have a question, you can talk to the owner, who is here in town. Also, we support local causes, including Texas Humane Heroes, Bastrop Fire Victims through the Red Cross, KUT, etc.
  • We are insured and a real company (not a guy with a pickup truck).
  • We answer the phone and have a showroom so you can see the doors. We are open Monday through Saturday.
  • We will give you real prices over the phone instead of showing up and running you up.
  • We will fix your garage door with better-quality parts than you have now.
  • We are members of the Better Business Bureau. Click on the BBB icon to see our A-rated listing.
  • We guarantee satisfaction.
  • We sell quality products like LiftMaster, and Marantec openers and Amarr, Haas, Raynor, Windsor, Clopay and CHI garage doors.
  • We provide warranties on all our products.
  • We are members of the International Door Association (IDA) and subscribe to their “Code of Business Conduct” guidelines in all aspects of our operation.
  • Our experienced technicians can fix your garage door or garage door opener today! And emergency service is no problem.
  • We specialize in garage doors and garage door openers, both residential and commercial.
  • We really do meet or beat the pricing from most of our competitors, including Home Depot, Sears and Lowes. We are local and small enough to have your job mean a lot to us, and big enough to stand by our warranties.

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Common Questions for our Customers

Do I Need Insulated Doors?

Maybe – Insulated doors make a big difference on your door for at least two reasons.

  • First, Temperature – They stop the radiation heat from the sun directly striking the door. When the sun is shining on a piece of steel it warms up the steel and that heat is transferred into the garage. A non- insulated door can raise the temperature of the garage 30 degrees in the summer when the sun is shining on the door. Even the basic Styrofoam insulation on the inside of the door can make a big difference. It can lower the temperature in the garage by 20 degrees on a hot Day. If the sun never shines on your garage door because of the direction of the door or there are trees shading the door then the insulation will have less of an effect. The higher the R value, the temperature of you garage will moderate.


  • Second – Noise – Insulated doors are quieter than non insulated doors both from an operational perspective as well as the outside noise aspect. Insulation helps to quiet the banging steel noise of a non insulated door. Double steel insulated doors are even better. They are also stronger.
    Note: If you have a detached garage then an insulated garage door might not be as important although the strength and durability of a double steel can make it worthwhile. Typically double steel insulated doors are the best door with the longest warranties and have the best endurance and operation. In the AMARR family of doors the model 1000 is a non insulated door, the model 2000 is a door with Styrofoam insulation inserted into the panels and the model 3000 is a double steel door with insulation in the middle.

How do I paint my steel doors?

Steel Doors can be easily painted. Most garage doors today are made with Galvanized steel and painted at the factory. Most are painted white at the factory and the builder paints the door to match when they paint the house. Painting is easily done with a quality acrylic latex paint. You need to prep the door properly to remove dirt and contaminants before you paint. Click here for instructions from a door manufacturer.

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