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Wayne Dalton Foam Core Garage Doors

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Wayne Dalton Foam Core Garage Doors
Some time ago Wayne Dalton designed and built a door that had the following goals.
  • The doors was to be insulated.
  • The door was to be easy to install.
  • The door was designed to be safe for the homeowner
  • The door was to be inexpensive to build.
Most of these goals were met with a door named the 9100 Wayne Dalton Foam Core or Foam Core II. The door looks like a standard door from the outside and the inside. The door has a layer of insulating foam inside a thin layer of steel to protect the garage from heat and sun. The spring system on the door is uniquely enclosed inside of a steel tube to prevent access by homeowner and possible injury in the event of failure. This spring system is referred to as “Torquemaster” and is becoming more common in builder homes over the last 5 years. The door was designed so that a single installer could put the door together in less than an hour. This included easy spring winding, click together track, and fewer fasteners. The door was released with some fanfare and met with limited success initially. During the housing downturn Wayne Dalton struck a deal with some of the national home builders to provide this door at a very aggressive price. The door became the go to door for many new home builders and many of those builders are still installing these in all of their new homes today. Personal note: While I have grown more comfortable with this model of door, I do not recommend it. The thickness of the steel and a few other features makes this less durable than what I would want at my own home. There are other models of Wayne Dalton doors that are very nice. This is the “value” entry designed for Value builders. Regardless of my personal opinion, there are many of these doors installed in the Austin area and the number is climbing every day. Therefore, we Sell them, Repair them, and Service them on a regular basis. We carry the most common sizes and colors in stock at our facility. We have one in the showroom. We carry the replacement springs and can help you get your door back to operation quickly. So, If you have a Wayne Dalton Foam Core Door give us a call today to discuss the best option for the repair or replacement of that door. We have the skills, the parts, and the desire to get your door running quickly. So please give us a call and let us take care of you garage door problems today. 512-335-7441

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