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The Virtues of Wood-Free Doors

by Dec 27, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

Wood or steel have been the traditional materials for door construction for some time. With modern manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials, however, other types of door construction may soon surpass the wooden door in popularity. The wood-free door is a case in point.

Wood doors – although beautiful – are subject to the elements and are considered high maintenance. In high humidity areas, or where rain and snow are particularly harsh, wood doors may need a finish or a touch up on the finish every year or two.

In addition, wood is a porous material and is subject to swelling and contracting, depending on its moisture content. This is due to the varying moisture level of the wood. A small gap or improper fit of an exterior entry door can cause a substantial amount of energy waste. At worst, the moisture can warp the door or cause the veneer to split or detach from the plywood backing.

Wood-Free Doors are a Low-Maintenance Alternative

Wood-free doors are elegant and beautiful, simulating the look of real wood. In addition to mimicking the sumptuous beauty of real wood, wood-free doors have many advantages.

They are low-maintenance and highly durable; do not splinter, crack or molder; never have to be re-stained; are tougher than steel; can be repainted to your taste at any time; and are highly insulated.

When choosing a door, one should keep alternatives open. Explore the modern construction of wood-free doors and consider the energy savings and lower maintenance they have to offer.

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