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24/7 Emergency Services
(512) 335-7441

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Our Technicians
Cedar Park Overhead Doors service technicians have years of experience and a solid company to back them up. A warehouse of parts and materials. quality vendors, insurance, and Better Business Bureau validation. We call our best service technicians “A Techs”.

How to pick the right Garage Door technician. The easy and correct answer is 512-335-7441 for Cedar Park Overhead Doors

What can you expect from Cedar Park Overhead Doors “A Tech”? He should have the experience to be able to handle problems you have either with your garage door or your garage door opener. A Tech should be able to recognize a particular type of garage door based on the style or markings found on the garage door. While most garage doors in Austin look similar from the outside, A Tech knows that to look right, the exact same door manufacturer has to be used. A Cedar Park Overhead Door “A tech” should also be able to identify the correct spring sizes to be used on a door. Either through previous experience with a door or through the use of scales and gauges to ensure the correct sizes. Our “A Techs” will always ensure that the door is balanced correctly before they finish a job. An experiencd “A Tech” can easily be found at Cedar Park Overhead Doors 512-335-7441. A great “A Tech” will always have a company warranty on their work. Like they do at Cedar Park Overhead Doors.

A quality “A Tech” works out of a facility, a building with a showroom and lots of parts and plenty of doors. A true “A Tech” does not run the business from the back of a pickup truck. If you want to learn about the doors that will be on your house you should see the doors, not a picture of some doors taken with a camera from the street.

Summary. It’s easy to pick a great “A Tech” for your garage door needs. Call Cedar Park Overhead doors at 512-335-7441. You will be glad you did.

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