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Steel doors are the most common type of door installed today. They are often more affordable, widely available, and have an array of styles and customizable options.

Steel garage doors offer several benefits like the strength and durability of the Galvanized steel. Steel is lightweight for its strength and its coating resists rust for many years. With the advanced paint processes used today steel garage door sections can last upwards of 20 years. Steel is a reliable door option that can withstand sun, strong winds, and rain. If the door color fades, it can easily be repainted. If a house color scheme changes, the steel door can be easily adapted. The manufacturing process for steel doors is well known and its automation allows it to be produced efficiently making a cost-effective choice for you, the buyer. For reliability, strength, affordability, and value, the steel door is a solid choice.

Steel is also incredible customizable. Some our doors, you wouldn’t believe they were steel until you give them a touch. 

The best way to see some of the options available is to come to our showroom and take a look for yourself! Some we carry in stock and others might take 1-3 weeks to order. For more information about a specific type of steel door, check out the manufacturers websites linked below.

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Warranties on Steel Doors

With steel doors, Cedar Park Overhead Doors warrants all parts and labor for three years from the date of install. After three years, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer of the specific door that was installed. Each manufacturer has different warranties on different models, so be sure to check their websites linked below for more details. Remember however that no warranty covers damage to the door through impacts and car strikes.

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Cedar Park Overhead Doors has been in business for more than 30 years in the Austin area. We have owned and operated the garage door company since 2004. This is a local family-owned small business with family fully involved.

We take immense pride in our employees, our service, and our products so that you, the client, gets the best experience possible from start to finish. Click here to learn more about why Cedar Park Overhead Doors is the right business to work with. 

Marin Pinnacle Door sold in Austin only by Cedar Park Overhead Doors

The Right Manufacturer to Suit Your Needs

Each of the the manufacturers below sells a variety of doors. we have found that some of them excel at one type of door while another may be better at a different type of door. Depending on your needs, we select the best door for your application. All great vendors with great products and many years in the Overhead Door business.

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These doors are constantly changing as manufacturers introduce new options like – long panel, flush panel, ribbed patterns, and more. Other options include foam insulation, double steel, and insulated windows.

A more recent option is a faux wood finish that comes in multiple colors like Golden Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

A typical steel door can range from a basic $600 model to updwards of $3000, depending on the style, insulation, windows, and other customizable options.

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