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Spring Repairs – More Details

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Spring Repairs – More Details

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

The springs on your garage door are designed to make it seem very light and easy to operate. Broken garage door springs are a common occurrence with today’s garage door systems. Most garage doors installed by builders are designed for about 10,000 cycles. That means they are designed to open and close your door at least 10,000 times. But eventually they break. And when the springs break, the garage door becomes very heavy. A garage door typically weighs more than 150 lbs, which means you will not be able to use the garage door until it is repaired. We fix garage door springs fast and we fix them right.

Torsion Spring

The garage door torsion spring is actually a large piece of steel that is bent even more as the door is closed and opened. Eventually the metal will break through fatigue. Strangely, some springs last much longer and some break much faster, depending on metal quality, number of cycles or temperature issues. Many people believe that the springs rust and this causes them to break. This is not true. Sometimes when there is a fast temperature change and the door is operated the springs can break. In Austin, it seems we get more calls for broken springs when the temperature at night is cold and the day is warm. Regardless, a broken garage door spring must be replaced. The door should not be operated without the springs. The weight of the door is being lifted by the motor and this is dangerous and a sign that the motor is not adjusted correctly.

How To Replace A Spring

To replace a garage door spring you need to know a couple of things. The best thing to know is our phone number at 512-335-7441. We can fix it today, or tonight. The second thing to know is that the spring must be replaced with exactly the right spring. Either the same exact size as the replaced spring or possibly with a longer spring with thicker gauge steel. This is called a high-cycle spring. It will last longer. Instead of 10,000 cycles, you might get 20,000 or more. The larger spring will cost more but last longer. At Cedar Park Overhead Doors we give lifetime warranties on our springs so it doesn’t really make that much of a difference, if we install the spring.

Springs Are Powerful

Another thing to understand is that the spring stores a lot of energy. Some garage doors weigh 300 lbs or more and that requires a lot of energy to be stored in the spring. Large doors have two springs. Very large doors might have four springs. If one is broken, the other is still there and it is still hot. If you do not realize this, the second spring can be very dangerous. If you want to learn about springs, read the link listed below on this page. If you don’t want to learn about springs and want your garage to work today, call 512-335-7441. When Cedar Park Overhead Doors replaces your garage door torsion spring, we guarantee our work. The spring(s) will be the right size, they will be installed correctly and they will be warranted for as long as you own your home. Just give us a call at 512-335-7441 and we will be out there the same day to get you up and running again. Day or night, we have 24-hour service. Call now!! Thinking about fixing it yourself? It’s not impossible It’s not very easy or practical and you had better know what you are doing, but it can be done. The amount of force stored in the springs required to lift a 150 lb. door is considerable. A guy with a wrench and a screwdriver is in for a very unpleasant and dangerous experience when the spring tension is suddenly released. Some doors use multiple springs and even when one breaks, the other is still fully loaded. But lets say you are up to the challenge and want to fix your own broken spring.First, go here and read this article, which describes the procedure. Then bring us the broken spring. We will sell you or make you a spring to match the broken spring, usually within 10 minutes of when you walk in. The spring has to be the right one. We stock hundreds. You will sign a liability release form and you are on your own. Count on about thre hours of work, about $75 to $100 in parts and a really poor warranty and you should be good to go. Careful, one of our customers bought his garage door springs on the web and waited 10 days for them to come. When they arrived, he called us out to install them. They were absolutely the wrong size. We traded them with our springs and fixed his door for him. Result was 10 days with no door, a lot of reading and research, on-line parts and postage plus the labor to have us install the garage door springs. If he was paid more than $10 per hour at work, it would make more sense to just have the pros do the work. Try telling your wife that it is a good idea for you to spend 10 hours of your time, plus paying for the parts with no guarantee of success or even a warranty when you are finished. Also mention to her that it will be 10 days with no garage while you do the research and order the parts online.

Torsion Springs Versus Extension Springs.

Please Note: The springs described above are mainly for large doors that use torsion springs. Torsion springs are mounted on the front of the garage wall and are wrapped around a torsion bar. This is the best and most common spring method. If you have a single-car garage door or and old garage door you might have extension springs. These are located on the tracks on either side of the door on the ceiling. There are always two. The extension spring system is second choice because the springs work independently and can fly around the garage when they break if not properly secured. We repair this spring system but never install them on doors we sell. We do not install subpar products.

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