24/7 Emergency Services (512) 335-7441

24/7 Emergency Services
(512) 335-7441

Smart Hub

Access has never been easier. Remotely control your garage door in real time far or close from home. 

Run Your Garage Door from Your Cell Phone


Gone are the days of wondering whether you left your garage door open on your way to work. With LiftMaster MyQ, you can check your phone. If you left your door open, you can close it from wherever you are! Friends or family in town? Grant them access remotely even if you’re running late to meet them.

Prevent Porch Piracy Today


Protecting your deliveries can save you time and money. With Amazon Key, have your packages delivered securely within your garage. Receive notifications and monitor the drop off in real time from anywhere. 

Know When People Come and Go


Receive notifications when your garage door is opened or closed. Setup additional security features like cameras to monitor your garage in real time. 

How Does It Work?

1. We Install the LiftMaster MyQ Smart Hub

2. Download the Key by Amazon app and the LiftMaster MyQ app & link the two apps

3. Order a package through Amazon and select the Key option to deliver to your garage

4. When the driver arrives at your house…

Amazon driver scans package

Scanner communicates with MyQ Smart Hub through Key by Amazon

MyQ Smart Hub opens garage door

Amazon driver leaves package where you specified

Driver cannot leave until door closes

You receive notification your package has been delivered

LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Camera

The newest Garage Door Accessory That Has Heads Turning

The all new LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Camera can bring your garage into the twenty first century. View your garage space in real time from your phone or tablet, and receive notifications when your door is openened or closed.

Verify an Amazon in-garage delivery, remotely check if your door is shut, or make sure your child gets in safely. This wireless, magnetic-base camera can easily be moved around and is connected via WiFi for maximum conveniece .