24/7 Emergency Services (512) 335-7441

24/7 Emergency Services
(512) 335-7441


Here is an incomplete list of some of the vendors we use and trust

  •  Air Conditioning. 
  • Auto Dealers – We work with other car dealers also and recommend then but the following are our GoTo guys for our Chevy truck sales and service.
  • Automotive Car Lifts –  When it is time to put your favorite toy in the garage on a Automotive lift, here is who to call.
    • Texas Automotive Equipment – Bill Miller is honest and fair and we have used him for many of our customers. He also has used us for many of his customers. 512-255-2345 .
  • Signs and vehicle Wraps –
    • A1 Signs – Located in Cedar Park  has been doing our Vehicles and Building signs for many years. They are responsive, talented, and the pricing is very fair. We would recommend them to anyone. A1 Signs – 512-250-5995.
  • Insurance – This is an easy one for us. Just like Family
    • Watkins Insurance Group – Patrick and his people have been doing our insurance for the past 15 years. They have grown like us and do a great job with all of our insurance needs. Personal and Business.  512-452-8877
  • Golf Carts – We use a couple at work and home and this is where we get them 
    • Ennis Golf Carts – Two brothers and some family that seem to really enjoy their work and their customers. They sell great products and take great care of us. 512-778-9056. Seems like all of my neighbors use them too. Somehow it just seems right when you work with them. 
  • Banking – We work with a couple of Banks  
    • Extraco– For our larger loans and real Estate we have found our Bankers at ExtraCo to be  supportive, concerned, and honest. All of the things we need in a Banker. We appreciate the attention and value a local bank brings to our business. 
    • Chase Bank – for our everyday checking and on-line processes, we have found Chase bank to be very Fast, Efficient, and Accurate as well as being available in many, many locations. 

Helping our local community is important to us and we are proud to be a sponsor of Texas Humane Heroes.

As a Matter of Fact, For the last 15 years, we have been the largest corporate sponsor of that Texas Humane Heroes and the owner, Don Grenier, served on the Board of Directors. A great local organization doing great things for our community.

Also, Please consider donating to this worthy organization. It is a little known fact that there are plenty of people willing to adopt dogs but there is a lack of funds needed to get the dogs and get them transported, fed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and ready for adoption. That is what Texas Humane Heros does best. They do it efficiently and really help save a lot of lives every year. More than 2700 dogs and cats have found their forever homes every year in our community for the past 10 years, through this organization. If they had more money, they could get more lives saved. Click here to Donate there and Thank You.

Texas Humane Heroes is a No Kill, private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization with dog and cat adoption centers in Leander (Greater Austin Metropolitan area) and Killeen, Texas. Established in 1979, Texas Humane Heroes enhances the lives of pets and people through adoption, availability of their low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics as well as family-friendly community events.

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