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Garage Door Parts

Need parts for your garage door? We’re here to help! Stop by our Cedar Park or Lakeway offices and we can get you squared away today!

entire We carry track, struts, hinges, rollers, springs and even sections for those who want to do it themselves. Heck, we will even sell you the whole door if that’s what you want. Call us today to ensure we have the right part for your door or stop by and bring the part you need. Chances are good we will have that item in stock. Please note that as of January 2022 supply issues have really limited our ability to sell complete doors. It isn’t getting better yet but it is OK to call and ask. We are working hard to get all of our stock back up and running. 

A few points to keep in mind when considering garage door parts and fixing it yourself.

Safety – Your garage door can weigh from 90 to 800 pounds. It is raised and lowered with springs and those springs have enough force to lift an 800 pound door. This is a lot of force and can hurt or kill you. If you are going to work on your own door, then you need to be careful. Never loosen any bolts on a garage door that are that you do not understand, especially those that are painted RED. This is some manufacturers way of identifying danger areas. There are many dangerous areas and they are all over the door and the spring line, and they are not all painted red. If you don’t know what it is, do not remove the bolt!

Time – Garage door maintenance is a skill and it takes years to train a technician up to the point where they can work on any door safely. While it seems like a cost effective idea to work on your garage door, it may not be. Jobs that we can do in one hour might take you 4 or more hours and the job may not even be completed correctly. So before you begin, really think about the whole concept. You spend time identifying the problem, You call for the parts, you drive to get the parts, you return to the garage, you go online and watch some You Tube videos to try and get the safe and correct instructions, you collect or buy the tools you will need for the job. And then you do the job. That’s half a day and it may not be right. If you call us, 512-335-7441, we drive to you with the tools, correctly diagnose the problem, repair the door with the correct part, and warrant our work for at least a year. We also look for the reason the part broke to ensure that it doesn’t break again. While we do this, you go inside and watch the golf tournament or cook dinner. Your choice. I hate doing jobs around the house and finishing and the whole thing does not work or is wrong. There are times when professionals are better, especially when we are very fair with our pricing

Correct Parts – If you can’t be stopped and want to do it yourself. Please BRING THE OLD PART and a picture of your door. We can match it up and make sure you are not making several trips for the right part. It is rare that I do a job around the house without at least one trip to Lowes or Home Depot to find the right part that I missed.

Parts we stock

Sections: Sections for doors are very specific to a manufacturer. And while they all look the same from the street, they are all different in some way. Pattern sizes, colors, section stiles, grain patterns all vary between manufacturers. So, if you drive into your garage you may not be lucky enough to get the same panel. We do carry about 6 different brands and styles but there are many more out there. Another thing to consider is that the new panel you replace isn’t going to be sun faded like all the other panels on your door. So it’s hard to just replace one on your door and expect it to look good. You will most likely have to paint the entire door after the section is replaced. Often times it’s better to replace all of the sections. Another rule of thumb; if the door is older than 6 years, it is sometimes cost effective to replace the whole door. For a decent 16′ wide  x 7′ high door expect the new complete door to cost about $1100 to $1500 depending on the manufacturer. If we just do the sections, subtract about $200. It’s best to get a free estimate when the panels are damaged. smaller doors cost less.

Track – Most track is pretty standard but the are exceptions. When replacing track, like all other parts, we recommend bringing in the bad part or taking good pictures. This will allow us to ensure that we are getting you the correct parts.

Hinges – Hinges come in different sizes with numbers on them. When you are replacing hinges, you must replace them with the same number on the hinge. again, bring the old hinge in with you.

Struts and torsion tubes. Doors get bent and sag and a reinforcement strut can sometimes be added to support the damage section. We stock struts for most doors. If you decide that you need one remember, it’s 16 feet long!!  It does not fit in your car or the bed of your truck. We carry them on Racks. The same thing with Panels and torsion tubes.

Bottom Seal. This is the rubber at the bottom of the door. It shrinks, tears and gets eaten by mice and then fails to seal the door from, more mice, leaves and dirt. Replacing it should not be as difficult as it is, but the replacement seal must be identical to the seal that went bad. There are about 6 different types of bottom seal and some are easy to replace and others are stupid hard and expensive. Also some might make you think about undoing the wrong screws on you garage door and could cause serious damage or injury. Do yourself a favor and call us. Maybe send us a photo of your door and bottom seal. We recognize most types and we stock most types. The cost could range from a practical $16 to a crazy $200 depending on type and amount of work for the installation.

Springs – Garage Door Springs or torsion Springs are dangerous and are addressed on another page. Go here to learn more about replacing springs.

Why Choose Cedar Park Overhead Doors for your Garage Door Parts?

You can fix it today. We have most parts in stock and we sell them a reasonable prices.

Custom springs? We can make them today, while you wait. 

A company you can trust with a Strong Local 30 year old company standing behind the products we sell.

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Insured work at very fair prices. If our work is not up to your expectations, we will come back and make you happy. Guaranteed.

Fast service. Our technicians carry many garage door springs on their trucks and can fix most problems with a single visit on the same day you called.

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