Parts for Garage Openers

Do You need Parts for your garage door Opener?

We stock a wide variety of parts for your garage door opener right here in the Austin area.

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We carry gear kits, remotes, trolleys, rails, and photo eys for various model of Garage door openers.  Call us today to ensure we have the right part for your opener or stop by and bring the parts your need. Chances are good we will have that item in stock.

A few points to keep in mind when considering buying garage door opener parts.

Safety – Your garage door is an electric motor and the chance of shock is always present. Remember to unplug the motor from the outlet whenever you remove the cover to do testing or repair.  There are moving parts and a strong motor in every operator. Putting your fingers in the motor can be dangerous. Especially if you are in the garage and your wife comes home and presses the remote button while your finger is in the wrong place. Again, unplug the motor when working on your operator. Finally, a motor that is wired incorrectly can be a fire hazard. Watch the motor closely when you are complete to ensure that everything is wired correctly.

Time – Garage door maintenance is a skill and it takes a couple of years for us to get a technician up to the point where they can work on any door safely. While it seems like a cost effective idea, working on your garage door opener may not be. Jobs that we can do in one hour might take you 4 or more hours and the job may not even be completed correctly. So before you begin, really think about the whole concept. You spend time identifying the problem, You call for the parts, you drive to get the parts, you return to the garage, you go online to get the safe and correct instructions, you collect or buy the tools you will need for the job. then you do the job. That’s half a day and it may not be right. If you call us, 512-335-7441, we drive to you with the tools, correctly diagnose the problem, repair the door with the correct part, and warrant our work for at least a year. We also look for the reason the part broke to ensure that it doesn’t break again. While we do this, you go inside and watch the golf tournament or cook dinner. Your choice.

Correct Parts – If you can’t be stopped and want to do it yourself. BRING THE OLD PART. We can match it up and make sure you are not taking several trips for the right part. I hate doing jobs around the house and finishing and the whole thing does not work or is wrong. There are time when professional are better especially when we are very fair with our pricing.

Parts we carry for Garage door openers.

Gear and sprockets: It’s a fact of life that most operators are going to have parts that wear out. Craftsman, Chamberlain and LiftMaster have gears that wear out after many years and can be replaced. Genie operators have trolleys and switches that go bad. We stock most of those parts and the technician will have most them on their trucks. Replacing them varies from pretty easy to difficult. Some need specific tools while other just the basics.

Photo Eyes – These electronic sensors are critical to the operation of your door and go bad due to old age, chewing dogs, and kids with bicycles. We stock most brand of photo eyes.

Rail assemblies. Belt or Chain drive. We have an assortment of rails for you operators. We specialize in LiftMaster operators which we know to be the best in the market. We install more than 200 every month. We stock most part for these operators. We also stock limited amounts of  other brands including Genie, linear and Marantec.

Remote – We stock many brands of remotes.

Note: It makes great sense to call us before you come. It also makes good sense to email us a picture of the part you are looking for. Call us at 512-335-7441 and talk to a customer rep. We want you to be happy with your repair adventure.

Why Choose Cedar Park Overhead Doors for your Garage Door Parts?

You can fix it today. We have most parts in stock and we sell them a reasonable prices.

Custom springs, We can make them today, while you wait. 

A company you can trust with a Strong Local 30 year old company standing behind the products we sell.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating for the Last 8 years—We are active and accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. Click on the link to the left to see our record.

Insured work at very fair prices. If our work is not up to your expectations, we will come back and make you happy. Guaranteed.

Fast service. Our technicians carry many garage door springs on their trucks and can fix most problems with a single visit on the same day you called.

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Cedar Park Overhead Doors has been in business for more than 30 years in the Austin area. We have owned and operated the garage door company since 2004. This is a family-owned company, with family fully involved and relatives playing key roles in the organization.

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