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Garage Door Opener Parts

For over 30 years we’ve served our Greater Austin Area Residents with quality, honest work. Locally and family owned and operated.

Garage Door Opener Parts

Garage door opener parts include parts not only physically connected to your opener but also remotely. We carry a variety of parts, including gear kits, remotes, trolleys, rails, and photo eys for various models of Garage door openers.

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We stock a variety of remotes from various opener brands. These include key-chain remotes, car remotes, and more. 

Gears and Sprockets

It’s a fact of life that most operators are going to have parts that wear out. Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster have gears that wear out after many years that need replacing. Genie operators have trolleys and switches that too go bad over time. We stock most of these parts in-house, and our technicians carry most of them on their trucks regularly. Some are easier to replace than others, and some require specific tools. 

Photo Eyes

The electronic sensors are critical to the operation of your door and can go bad with time. The slightest misalignment of your photo eyes can cause your door to have issues closing or functioning correctly in general, so be sure that the lights on your photo eye are continunously lit. 

Rail Assemblies

Belt or Chain drive. We have an assortment of rails for your opener operators. We specialize in LiftMaster operators which we know to be the best in the market. We install more than 200 each month. We stock most of the necessary parts for Liftmaster openers. We also stock limited amounts from other brands including Genie, Linear, and Marantec.