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Apr 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

New Technology Lets you Check your Garage Door – even AFTER you Leave the House

Quality garage doors offer property owners security for their vehicles, their possessions and, most importantly, their families. Garage-door security is as important as the security of the home’s interior.

They are more high-tech than ever, no longer there to simply just open and close your garage door. Today, they can be accessed and controlled remotely, giving you greater peace of mind when you’re not at home.

Manufactures such as LiftMaster, for example, continuously update the features of their high-tech openers, complete with sophisticated computer chips that include automatic closings, network integration and enhanced range.

LifeMaster’s new MyQ™ technology lets homeowners monitor and control overhead garage doors and house lights remotely using a computer or smart phone. It also includes an auto close after a pre-programmed number of minutes, so you never forget to close your door.

To be sure, overhead garage door openers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Some other advances include:


The Rolling Code

One such remote controller is the rolling code. While this feature is not new, it shows great updates. This device can now store millions if not billions more codes then previous. When the property owner sends a signal to open the garage doors the device will send back a new code and stores the code in the memory bank. By hopping codes with each use, it makes it nearly impossible for a thief to crack the code.


Fingerprint scanning

Fingerprint technology goes along with the rolling code technology. This offers the property owner a way to access entry that is keyless, by scanning their fingerprint.


The Smartphone

It seems as though the Smartphone just keeps getting smarter. Smartphones are now able to carry through with just about any household command at the push of a button.

When a property owner has vacated their home for the evening or even for an extended time away from home, they can still operate many of their home’s functions for their Smartphone. This phone can turn lights on and off, open and close a garage door, regulate heating and air conditioning units, trigger security and much more.

It makes no difference whether the property owner is around the corner from their home or 3,000-miles at the other side of the world, garage door opener technology can help you and your family to stay safe and secure in your own home.

The high-tech systems for home and added garage door security are here to stay. These door controllers continue to show new technology and advances every year.