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Marantec Garage Door Openers

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Marantec Garage Door Openers
Marantec’s German engineering and craftsmanship has created a safer garage door opener that is more reliable and quieter. Using superior Direct Current Garage Door Opener – Synergy 270technology and semi-enclosed one piece rail systems, Marantec’s garage door openers safely create higher power to move garage and carriage doors with ease in a smooth quiet action.

This superior power is carefully controlled by our Digital Intelligence system that, while quickly cycling the door, continually looks for obstructions, adding a higher level of safety to the required photo eye sensors. Additionally, our DC motor technology is not limited to a constant speed like common AC motorized units, able to slow the speed at the end of a quick cycle to again improve safety.

Marantec Warranties are longer than any other operator we sell, although they only apply to the original purchaser of the operators. We offer a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty on all Marantec operators we install, while the factory adds another 12 years to the motor with registration. For a 15 year parts warranty!

This is the model Synergy 270. It is a great operator for most garage doors. We stock this model and can usually install it the same day. It comes with 2 remotes and a belt drive system. This Opener sells for $429.00 installed.

Only $429+tax
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Parts or repair of your marantec operator?

We stock Marantec parts including remotes, logic boards, rails, and replacement photo eyes. If your opener needs some work and you have the time, we have the parts for you to fix it yourself. Call us. We stock most parts.


Why Choose Cedar Park Overhead Doors to install your Marantec Opener?

  • We warranty our installation work for two years. If a bolt comes loose, for example, we come right back at NO charge.
  • We can get your garage door opener installed in two days or less. Usually the same day. Guaranteed.
  • We will program your garage door remotes, Cars, keypads and accessories. For free.
  • If you have us install an operator support bracket on your door ($35), we will guarantee the door. (Note, some cheaper builders’ doors are excluded from this offer. We will note it on your invoice if we cannot).
  • We install Marantec. A great opener with the best warranties.
  • We will match our competitors’ prices, even thoughmost of them do have them. We are on of the few compnies in town to be Registered Marantac delaers.. What is the name of the guy who installed the garage door opener you bought from Home Depot four years ago? If we installed it, you could check the sticker on your wall for the date, technician’s name and invoice number. Also, if you call us, we will have your information and any related items regarding your service.
  • If you want accessories with your garage door opener—such as a keypad and extra remotes—we carry them on the truck.

Need A Repair Or New Install?

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