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Garage Door Repair Austin

We are Austin’s premier overhead door professionals, providing quality service and expert insights to Austin area residents, commercial entities, community builders, fire stations, schools, parking garages, and more. Locally owned and operated for over 30 years. Veteran and family staffed with the small-business care and enterprise level service that our patrons have come to expect.

From repairing broken garage door springs, to realigning infrared photo eye sensors, to swapping faulty remotes and keypads, to building beautiful custom overhead doors, we can just about do it all! Quality, reliable service that caters to your time, budget, and convenience. Give us a call today at (512) 335-7441.

Garage Door Repair Austin


The springs attached to your garage door enable the movement of your door. If these break, it is likely that your garage door will be next to inoperable. We replace springs daily in Austin. We can do is right the first time for a market-competitive rate. Many springs today are made for 10,000 cycles; this means they are designed to last about 10,000 opens and closes independently. Usually, they last about 6 or so years. We make custom springs in our warehouse with lifetime warranties. Replacing springs can be very dangerous as they carry large amounts of stored energy. If your spring is broken, or your door is having difficulty opening or closing, give us a call today.

Opener Motors

Garage door motors allow your door to open and close automatically. Technologically, a lot has changed with these devices in the past 15 years, 10 years, even 5 years. We sell exclusively LiftMaster brand openers, because we believe that they are the best in the business, better than the flimsy and noisy openers one might find at certain hardware stores. Our LiftMaster opener motors are quiet, reliable, can be opened remotely via your cell phone, and come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty installed. See our opener motor features and pricing here. Let us open your door to a great day with a brand new opener motor. 

Garage Door Service


We proudly service all kinds of different overhead door issues throughout the Austin area. From broken springs, to malfunctioning remotes, we’re happy to get a technician out to you today. For the do-it-myself types out there, we’re also happy to provide you with the part you need and some expert advice.

Car trapped in your garage? We can and will get to you TODAY.

Worried about cost? We provide FREE estimates for repair prior to work done on site. That means you can have the FINAL cost of repair in your hands before you owe anything, and if you don’t like the estimate, you’re happy to do with it what you please. We’re confident that we can do a better, faster, and more considerate job without sneaky “gotcha” pricing.

Garage Door Maintenance

You might not know this, but your garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it working properly.  Maintenance should be conducted at least once a year.  If your door is making a grinding noise or opening slowly – you might just need maintenance to get it working correctly.  Costly repairs can be prevented with preventative maintenance.

 Preventative maintenance stops you from having your car locked into the garage from a broken spring, prevents the rollers from being misaligned, or cables from coming loose or jammed.   Any of these issues could cause bigger damage and costly, extensive repairs.

 If you find that your garage door isn’t opening or closing smoothly or it’s making unusual noises, give us a call.  We offer same day services, and our technicians are ready and available to provide you with our professional service.


New Garage Doors & Installation

If you are looking to replace an existing door or are building a new house, we are happy to help you find a door that fits your practical and stylistic needs! We want to find the door that ‘s right for you and your home. 

Check out our gallery of garage doors here to browse through some of our previous work online. You can also visit our Cedar Park or Lakeway offices to speak with one of our team members face-to-face, visit our interactive showroom, and see and touch materials and colors in person! 

With a photo of your garage, we can also provide you with a digital rendering of what your selected door might look like on your home. We carry most major garage door manufacturers including Amarr, Raynor, Haas, Martin, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and CHI. Balancing curb appeal and functionality, our salespeople are happy to find the right style and build for you. Woodgrain, glass, custom wood, carriage style, or traditional and simple doors.
Lakeway’s showroom however is very limited due to space. If you’d like to see full-size doors in action, head to our Cedar Park Office at 1408 N. Bell Blvd for our full showroom experience! Either way and either location, we’re happy to find the solution that’s right for YOU.

Best Installation Services, Period.

We are your Austin garage door repair company, but we do more than just repairs.  We do installations also! 

 The overall appearance of your door will depend on your budget and your preference. Garage doors add a great deal to the appearance of your home and can be made from several different materials, wood, metal, aluminum.

 Climate will play a part on the type of door you can install in your area, and Cedar Park Overhead Doors company located in Austin TX is able to help you decide what would be best for your home. 

Each material has its own benefits and downside, depending on what you are looking for:

Steel.  Affordable, low maintenance, durable and easy to paint but offers very little insulation.  If energy efficiency is a must, a steel door is not for you.  Steel tends to rust so it doesn’t do well in wet or snowy climates.

Aluminum.  Almost similar to steel but aluminum is more resistant to rust, is a lot lighter than steel, but costs a little more than steel. That lightness in material also means they can be much more easily damaged.

Wood.  Wood doors require more maintenance and upkeep.  Neglect will shorten the door’s life.  Wood provides good insulation and endures weather and bangs very well.  They also provide a nice aesthetic for your home’s curb appealThey can be expensive and heavier than its counterparts but are stronger and can be customized with just about any design.

Fiberglass.  These doors are highly popular if you live on the coast, due to their very high rust and water resistance, and little to no maintenance being required.  Fiberglass is thinner and doesn’t offer much for insulation. 

Vinyl.  These are lightweight, low maintenance and are dent and weather resistant.  If you have children that love to play soccer or basketball in the driveway, this type of door would be a great choice.

From your garage door installation, maintenance and repair, Cedar Park Overhead Doors is your Austin garage door company to call.

Garage Doors with Glass Windows
Glass Garage Doors

Full View Garage Glass Doors

Some of our most popular doors today in the Austin area have been full view glass and aluminum doors. Glass doors are not only architecturally beautiful, but they also let stunning natural light into your garage space. There are a variety of glass tints that can provide added security and design flair. You can view some of the amazing full view doors that we have installed in our gallery here.

Custom Garage Door with Glass WIndows
Garage Door Installation


Common Garage Issues for Austin Customers

There are many moving parts to a garage door, which means there are many different issues that can arise. Each part can play a varying roll in your garage setup’s safety, durability, noise, security, and aesthetics. Here are some of the most common issues our Austin customers face:

Garage door springs

Springs are the part that actually hold the energy to help lift your door. Whether the door is opened manually or via an opener motor, this remains the case. When one or more of these springs busts, your door will likely get stuck open or closed. We repair both torsion and extension springs for all types of garage doors. If you heard a loud snap and all of the sudden your door is not functioning properly, it is likely the spring that is to blame. If your springs have broken, give us a call or schedule a service call in person, and we can have a technician out TODAY.

Garage door rails

The rails or track of your garage door are what holds your door up and keeps it in place. It’s imperative that your track is free of bends or dents that could push your wheels (rollers) out of alignment and stop your door from moving freely. A bent rail can cause further damage to your door and its parts. If this is the case, give us a call and we can get out there ASAP to get the job done.

Garage door panels

It happens all the time, “my kid backed into my door”, “a rock flew out of my lawnmower and dented my door”, “my neighbor drove through the side of my house!”; we truly have heard it all. Dented panels are not only unsightly but they can also inhibit the movement of your door along its track. We can swap panels individually if facing a minor Austin garage door service – or, if the damage is extensive – replace the entire door. We can match your door’s color, material, and manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit.

Garage door cables

While cables are small and often times unnoticed, they are a vital part for much of your doors functionality. When a cable gives or the line becomes loose, your door can easily become jammed. We can straighten and tighten cables or replace them entirely.

Remote, Keypad, and Button Connectivity 

This is an extremely common issue. If your garage door remote is not opening your door, it can either be out of batteries (we stock batteries in house), or may need to be re-tuned with your opener motor. In worst cases the issue may be with your opener motor’s logic board which controls access devices attached to your door. There are plenty of online resources out there that can help you solve this issue – or we can help over the phone or with a simple, painless service call (and we can tune-up your motor, lubricate your hardware, and check your sensors).

Garage door openers

Of course, no garage door setup is complete without a properly functioning opener motor. We can repair or replace faulty opener operators in order to ensure the heavy lifting is done by the machine and not the man. We carry exclusively LiftMaster brand openers, because they are truly the best in the business. MyQ Wi-fi compatible, these “smart openers” can be opened from your cell phone in your driveway or even across the country. Ask our technicians or salespeople if you are interested in controlling your garage door from your phone! This is one of our most popular upgrades after a legacy garage door repair Austin service.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Parts
Garage Door Controller Replacement Parts

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Just a few words about us form our actual customers.

Killer price! Great install. The whole experience was amazing. Jonas, our rep wo came out to give us the quote and was the one who installed the garage door. They did an excellent job. I could not be any happier with our decision to go with CPOD.
Javier J.

This company is Awesome, Shelby was my Tech and inspected my Garage Door Opener, He was Honest and Genuine This company is not going to rip you off or over charge, There Genuine, and you can trust them Totally. Good People you can Trust!
Romie S.

Shelby, with Cedar Park Overhead doors came out for a service call on our garage door. What a nice, respectful, knowledgeable person he was. He quickly assessed our problem and corrected it. We won’t use anyone else for our garage door needs.
Mary M.

Family & Veteran Owned

We offer every type of service that arises with garage door problems in Austin TX.  If you’ve backed into your garage door and find yourself needing a garage door fixed, you might be surprised to know that you might not need to repair the whole door.  It could be that you might just need a panel.  We’ll conduct an inspection and provide you with a free estimate with the best recommendation needed for your unique situation.

Our family-owned business takes pride in providing you with excellent service and our technicians are able to tackle any garage door services needed for your Austin TX home or Austin TX business.



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