Key for Garage by Amazon and Liftmaster is a game changer in the world of in-home deliveries. As an Amazon Prime member, you can have access to the Key feature even if you don’t have a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener. By installing a HUB  to your existing garage door opener, you can take advantage of Amazon’s keyless package delivery system.

For a limited time, Amazon is giving you the Hub for FREE (normally $80), the labor to install it, and a $10 free credit on your first Key delivery. LiftMaster, Amazon, and Cedar Park Overhead Doors all want to have a long, trusting, and beneficial relationship with you. Amazon is giving you the free hub and partnering with select Liftmaster dealers like Cedar Park Overhead doors in Austin area to have this installed. The Key program is available in only in certain markets, Austin being one of them.

How It Works

You must be an Amazon Prime member. From there, you just need to connect your garage door opener to the program. Key works with most operators out there in the market today. LiftMaster has the Hub technology to control and monitor most garage door openers sold today. When you call our office, it’s simple to get started. We schedule a time to go install the HUB. Then the shopping begins. Don’t forget you now have $10 FREE credit on your first Key delivery! Keep in mind, If you select the Key delivery, it can take and extra day for your shipment.

The delivery driver does not have access to open your door. When the driver is ready to make the delivery, he presses a button on his computer that tells amazon he is there and then amazon servers do the following steps.

  1. They text you the delivery is happening now.
  2. They lock your inside door to the house if you have an electronic lock.
  3. They then open the garage door through Myq / Key app.
  4. You will get a notice from the Key app saying you garage door is open.
  5. The driver will look at your instructions you set up in the app for where to place the package. Like in a fridge if it’s medicine or perishable.
  6. The driver will go outside the garage and tell amazon that the delivery is complete.
  7. Amazon servers will send the signal to close the garage an unlock the inside door.
  8. You will get a text or message from the Key app telling you your door is closed. Amazon will text you telling you your delivery is complete.
  9. If your garage door does not close the driver must remain until the facility is safe.
  10. If it cannot be made safe, they will call the garage door company to make it safe. Hopefully, that is Cedar Park Overhead Doors.

On every delivery, you choose whether you want the key app or not. If you need three bolts today then do not use key. If you are ordering Gourmet Cheese from France, Use key and have them put it in the fridge in your garage the next day.

Peace Of Mind

Amazon Prime customers can have peace of mind that packages are secure behind their garage door out of the reach of porch thieves. Customers have complete control through the Amazon Key app and Liftmaster’s MYQ app’s monitor, camera, and real-time notification features.

Only Amazon employees can deliver with the Key program. This means you won’t see any contractors or postal service having access through this program. Amazon has taken great care to preserve your safety and peace of mind. The driver does not know your code or pin. All communication happens through the app. Amazon servers send a message to your MyQ app.

If for some reason they are not granted access, they cannot return without a KEY package delivery. Your package does not lay in the sun all day waiting for you to come home. It does not go to your neighbor’s house because the garage door will not open at the wrong house. If you order perishables or medicine, your package goes in to the refrigerator.

For added safety, you can upgrade with a camera. Amazon sells a camera with their Hub package that you can use to monitor deliveries in your garage for a very reasonable price as part of their Key kit.

Authorized Liftmaster dealer’s only are participating with Amazon’s pilot program. Call Cedar Park Garage Doors at 512-537-9976 to have your HUB installed today for FREE!