Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Custom Wood Doors

Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Custom Wood Doors can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is vital to selling a home. Prospective buyers see the outside of the house first. If a buyer sees a custom wood front door and interior doors, he may be much more favorable to the house, appreciating the high-value quality of its exterior.

Homes with wood doors can recover up to half the value of the doors upon sale of the house, and can even sell twice as fast as homes with hollow-core doors. Although they can be more expensive, they can create re-sale value and provide you with beauty and quality.

Prospective buyers wonder how high the power bill will be in your house. Wood doors are insulated, conserving heat and cool air better than some pre-fab doors. Wooden doors also help soundproof a room. This could be handy when someone is working in the office, there are guests downstairs or someone wants to catch a nap. In addition, wood doors won’t dent or chip.

They’ll also make it more difficult for would-be burglars. That’s because they are solid and fill the doorframe better. Wooden doors have hardier hardware with locks that go deeper into the doorframe. Pre-fab doors can be opened with a screwdriver. If the house has wood interior doors, a burglar won’t be able to enter the office or the rooms with expensive electronics if the doors are locked. Homebuyers look at these points. They will buy the house that is safest for their families. Wooden doors can make a house safer.

Another great point is that wood doors can be customized to each owner of the home. The new owner may want a different color or finish, which is entirely possible with wood doors. That’s easier said than done with pre-fab doors.

Increasing curb appeal with wooden doors is a great idea for any home. Homeowners will enjoy their benefits for many years to come, as well as recoup their investment.