Improve Your Curb Appeal

Mar 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal and Value with A High-Quality Garage Door

Whether it’s a blind date, an initial business transaction, the first day on the job or a chance meeting, first impressions mean a lot. People are able to assess a situation and formulate an opinion – whether good or bad, within seconds. This fact is never more true than with home buyers.

When counseling home sellers, real estate agents typically place a great emphasis on a property’s ‘curb appeal’, and rightly so. When prospective buyers pull up to the front of your house, they make a snap judgment – either yea or nay – even before stepping inside the house. The overall look of the home is determined by a combination of several factors; cleanliness, landscaping, paint color, roof condition and yes, even the garage door, which is typically in plain sight. There is no hiding its design or condition.

Nothing will lessen the curb appeal of a home faster than a dinged-up door with flaking paint and a cracked or broken window. A nice looking, high-quality garage door on the outside says a lot about a home on the inside, just as would a recently remodeled kitchen.

In order to get these home-seekers inside your house to see that awesome kitchen, however, you need the curb appeal that will wow them from the start. Far too many times a prospective buyer will just wave their agent on by if the initial impression of your home is not to their liking. There is usually another house to look at just around the corner from yours.

Contrary to a high-spec kitchen remodel, a high-quality garage door will set you back a small fraction of that amount. It really doesn’t take much to have your home looking its best on the outside. Well-maintained landscaping with a neat yard, combined with a high-quality overhead garage door, can get homebuyers right where you want them: through the front door – where they can fully appreciate the quality of your home to decide it is just the one they wanted!