If you think about it, the garage door is often the most used door in your home? Why not love it? We create custom garage doors built to your specifications in our Austin workshop. Building our own custom wood doors allows us to control the quality of the doors and create truly one-of-a-kind doors

Many of our customers come in with an idea or collection of ideas. We can take that and build something you will love to come home to!

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We believe that a custom wood door built on a commercial metal door is the most durable and cost-effective method. Not everyone takes the time and expense to do this. This option involves using a galvanized steel 24-gauge commercial metal door and overlaying the wood onto the door. This 24 gauge steel door is strong enough to support the wood that will be mounted to it. In the event that you want a solid wood door, we can build that too. The hardware provided with our door is all commercial grade. Most of the doors we build are covered with Western Red, kiln-dried Cedar. This wood is very insect-resistant, light-weight and cost-effective.


Warranties on our Wood Doors

We warrant the parts and labor on our custom wood doors for three years from the data of installation. This warranty covers the parts and the labor. It does not cover the wood on the door. The Wood on the door is covered for two years if we finish it with Sikkens. If you finish the door or your builder we do not cover the finish on the door or wood that cracks and warps.