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Cool your patio down this summer with
NEW HydroMist cooling system

Does the harsh Texas heat keep you from enjoying your backyard or patio all year round? ATX Misting Solutions can help.Whether entertaining a crowd or just enjoying your family in the backyard, you will love the new HydroMist cooling system. HydroMist instantly cools your outdoor living area – even in the hottest summer months, providing cool comfort for your family, friends and pets.

The innovative technology of HydroMist creates a fine water vapor that evaporates quickly, draws the heat out of the air and turns your patio area into a cool, relaxing space.The cutting-edge misting power of the HydroMist cooling system lowers the temperature of your outdoor space by up to 25°, without the dampening effects created by other less-effective misting systems.

As an exclusive authorized dealer of the HydroMist cooling system in the greater Austin area, Cedar Park Overhead Doors can turn your patio into a cool, summer retreat ALL summer long.

The HydroMist cooling system:

  • Cools in a flash
  • Draws heat from the air
  • Keeps you cool not wet
  • Costs very little to run

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Tell me more about the HydroMist cooling system

Is it expensive?

No. You can enjoy the relaxing and cooling benefits of the HydroMist cooling system for the cost of running a fan and 6 gallons of water for 4 hours.

Is it environmentally safe and friendly?

We know the greater Austin area is very environmentally conscious. That’s why we are pleased that each nozzle of the HydroMist cooling system uses roughly one gallon of water per hour. The total amount of water used per hour corresponds to the number of nozzles in the system. For example, the average 10-minute shower uses at least five gallons of water per minute, which equals 50 gallons per shower. It would take an eight-nozzle HydroMist cooling system nearly six hours to equal the amount of water used for a 10-minute shower.

Will the cooling system result in wet and damp on my patio?

No. That’s because the HydroMist cooling system creates a fine water vapor that instantly evaporates. The system does not create a watery build-up or residue, keeping you, your hair and your patio furniture cool and dry.

Is it difficult to maintain?

The HydroMist cooling system is easy to use, made with high quality parts, and is very reliable. Our technicians will show you how to easily maintain the system. We recommend a yearly check up to ensure that the system is operating properly and efficiently, especially during the hot summer months.

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