If your garage door is looking dirtier than usual, and the dirt that’s piling up can no longer be washed off by the occasional rain, then it might be time to take matters into your own hands. Every so often, your garage door is in need of a thorough cleaning that entails more than just a quick pass with the garden hose. If you’ve finally decided to spruce up how your garage door looks, below are some tips and tricks on how to clean a garage door.

Cleaning a Wood Garage Door

For your costly wood garage door, garage door experts at Cedar Park Overhead Doors mentions that this is what you should do to clean it:

Step 1

Using a mild detergent mixed with water, and a cleaning sponge, wipe away any dirt and debris that’s present on the surface.

Step 2

Give the door a thorough rinse (using a light garden hose preferably) and allow it to dry out completely.

Step 3

If you noticed that the door’s finish is thinning or becoming eroded, simply clean it using the detergent solution and let it dry. Once it’s dry, use an oil/ alkyd primer to prime the affected sections, then follow up with a coating of finish or complete priming.

Step 4

If there are no eroded patches on your wood garage door, use only a coat of finish to wrap up the cleaning process.

If you need help with the finishing bit of the cleaning process, you can refer to the instructions on the maintenance brochure your garage door came with.

Cleaning a Pre-Finished Steel Garage Door

When cleaning a steel garage door, this is what you should do:

How to Clean a Garage Door

Step 1

Mix a cup of mild detergent solution that contains less than 0.5 percent phosphate (car wash, dish wash soap, or detergents like Tide will suffice) with five gallons of water and use it to wipe down the garage door to remove dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly once you’re done.

Step 2

If you notice any stubborn oil stains, a diluted bleach and water solution should be used to get rid of them. Ensure you completely rinse off the garage door first to prevent bleach and detergent from mixing. Once you’re satisfied that the stains are gone, rinse the door again.

Step 3

Clean the sides, top, and behind the weather-stripping of the garage door as well.

Step 4

Any dirt that has caked onto the door can be removed with your hands or a simple tool.

Step 5

Clean the door using a non-abrasive piece of cloth or sponge.

Step 6

After rinsing, dry it off using a soft piece of cloth.

Don’ts of Cleaning a Garage Door

While it may be tempting to use certain methods to clean your garage door, it is not recommended that you do the following:

  • Use a pressure washer to clean your garage door.
  • Use abrasive or rough cloths to clean or dry your garage—these may scratch the acrylic glazing on the garage door.
  • Mix detergent or cleaner with bleach.
  • Use detergents that contain more than 0.5 percent phosphate.
  • Use gritted cloths, scouring sponges, solvent cleaners, or window cleaning solutions.
Bottom Line

Has your garage door gone through enough that it’s starting to look like its been through a lot? We’ve compiled different ways you can use to know how to clean a garage door, regardless of whatever type of garage door you have. Cleaning your garage door frequently and in the right way makes it last longer and keeps it in good shape. If you wish, you can speak to a professional about other preventative maintenance practices that you can follow to ensure your garage door is in good condition at all times.