States in the Southern part of the US tend to get so hot during the summer, and Texas is one of them. The scalding heat can rise up to more than 100 degrees, and keeping your house and garage cool at the same time drains energy. Surely you have wondered, “How can I keep my garage cool in Texas?” Your garage is highly vulnerable to heat and learning how to cool a garage in Texas can take a lot of time and effort especially when you do it the wrong way.

Insulating and Installing Weather-Stripping

For starters on how to keep garage cool, insulating your garage door is the first step. If your garage door is made of wood, then that will already be a good insulator. Polystyrene or reflective insulating panels are typically installed by garage door professionals. The panels are cut to fit the door and then secured using tape. Inspect for drafty areas and have them sealed by using insulators such as plastic, rubber, plywood, and particleboard.

keeping your garage door cool

How to Cool a Garage in Texas

Using double-paned windows for your garage door is another good choice on how to keep garage cool. To further keep out hot air from your garage, install weather-stripping on your door and seal the bottom edge well using self-adhesive tape.

Using Fans and Reducing Sun Exposure

Setting up garage installation fans on the side walls is a good decision. Freestanding or wall fans force the air to go into one vent and come out from another. Ventilation fans can be installed with the help of a professional garage company that specializes in how to cool garage so you won’t have to deal with circuit breakers.

How can I keep my garage cool in Texas? You can limit the exposure of your garage to the sun by planting trees positioned near the southern part of your garage. Doing so can create natural protection for your garage, especially when a solid shadow is cast by the grown tree.

Painting and caulking garage doors

One of the cheapest ways on how to keep garage cool in summer is by painting the door with light colors. If your current door color is dark, you need to remove the paint first. The best colors to choose from when painting or repainting for how to cool garage will be beige, cream, and white, since dark colors tend to absorb the heat from the sun.

You’ll be more prone to sun exposure if your home faces the west. Before painting the door to keep garage cool, make sure to clean it first.

Keeping your garage door cool

How to Cool Garage

Using silicone caulk to seal the visible gaps that you can see between the door and the door frame is one way on how to keep garage cool in summer. Be mindful of applying caulk so you don’t block seams that open and close the door. As an added safety check, you can also test your automated garage door especially when the door opener doesn’t work all the time.

Now that you have the answers to “How can I keep my garage cool in Texas?”, you’ll realize that keeping your garage cool during the summer doesn’t need to be high maintenance. Knowing how to cool a garage in Texas is essential, so you can keep all parts of your property cool during the hot months. Keep garage cool all the time and enjoy summer!