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Horizontal Garage Doors

Horizontal Garage Doors

A “horizontal” garage door is a that slides across the opening from the side. It wraps around the inside of the garage. This type of door allows for a solid presentation from the top of the door to the bottom. In the example shown below you can see that the glass can be quite large. The door also allows the roof to be clear of track and the door when it would be in the up position.  We have installed this door in Austin and stand ready to do more if the application requires.It is used in an application where the customer wants to have the interior of the garage be clear of any garage door tracks. It may also be used where there is no header on the inside of the garage to install the track and springs required for a garage door. In this application the customer chose an operator which is mounted on the side of the garage. You can go here to see more about this door from the manufacturer.

A Horizontal Garage door can also be made to include windows, insulation, decorative hardware, Grilles, and enhanced finishes. One of the best ideas, is to look at photos of doors to find something that you think looks good on your home. Then give us at call (512-335-7441) to help you refine your pick to exactly the right door. Click here to see these doors operate.

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Swing Out garage doors by Cedar Park Overhead Doors in Austin TX Exterior View
Swing Out garage doors by Cedar Park Overhead Doors in Austin TX Interior View

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