Garage Door Safety Checklist

Feb 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

Garage doors can cause serious injuries if a few quick safety precautions are not taken. Below are essential tips to follow to ensure that you, your children and your pets stay safe and healthy.


1. Check springs & cables

When buying a garage door, make sure the unit is designed with a safety cable so that no spring will accidentally snap up and cause dangerous injuries. You should also look for units that are equipped with systems that prevent accidental loosening of the bottom bracket.

For older units, look for damaged or loose springs and cables from time to time.


2. Don’t do it yourself

It’s an absolute no-no to install garage doors on your own. Also, don’t fix difficult-to-repair problems (e.g. broken spring). Springs have a lot of torsion that, when snapped, can cause serious injury.


3. Don’t use old tracks

Buying a new door? Don’t use your old track: it may not fit well into your new door and can pose a safety risk. An improper fit will also mean your door is not insulating against cold and heat like it should, costing you to pay more than you should for heating and air conditioning.


4. Stay safe

When opening or closing your garage door, stay safe:

  • Don’t stand or walk beneath the door
  • Keep children away
  • Keep fingers/hands off door sections

Your garage door or opener manual will have safety instructions that you should master. Add your own rules if necessary. Don’t forget to post your safety rules in visible areas.


5. Get professional help

If you’re experiencing difficult problems with your unit, don’t take chances with your family’s safety and security. Seek professional help. Garage door companies like Cedar Park Overhead Doors have certified technicians who can fix the problem for you in an affordable and timely manner. They can also offer regular checkup and maintenance services to ensure your garage door remains safe to operate.