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24/7 Emergency Services
(512) 335-7441

Garage Door Repairs and Service

Garage Door Repairs And Service Now

Broken Spring?
Door won’t go down?
Ran into your door?
Don’t know what’s wrong?

Cedar Park Overhead Garage Doors has you covered!

I Need A Tech Now!

Maybe you need to get the kids to school, get to that important meeting, or get your dog to the vet. In any case, when you need us, we will be there for you

My Door Won't Open

There Are several things that can cause this problem. We can have a tech to your location today to provide you with a free estimate and make repairs.

My Door Is Off Of The Tracks

Most off track garage doors can be repaired and made operational. In the event some sections or parts need to be replaced, our trucks are fully stocked. Most common sections can be installed the same week once the type and model is identified by your tech. Rest assured, if it's just time for a new door we carry doors in stock for next day installation.

I Ran Into My Door

It has happened to all of us, we focus on all of the tasks we need to get done... Bang, you ran into the door. Most of the time we can make repairs to your door using struts so that you can get back to focusing on the important things.

My Door Won't Go Down

When your door won't go down, the problem is usually the beams or photo eyes at the bottom of your door. Watch the video so you can save some money. If the problem still persists it is something more serious and its time to call us.

I Don't Know What Is Wrong

Get one of our expert techs out for a diagnosis and quote now. All of our trucks carry a full stock load-out of industry common parts so you can get fixed on the first trip.

Overhead Garage Door Spring Repair

One of two things usually happen… You are at the house and you hear what sounds like a train hitting your house, or you arrive home after a long day of work to find that your door will only open a couple of inches. Either scenario usually means you have a broken spring. We can get you fixed today, not tomorrow, today. All of our springs come with a Lifetime Parts Warranty standard, and with no silly up-charging games.

Garage Door Service and Repair

Some times your garage door starts making weird noises. Before you call us try lubricating your rollers, springs, hinges and tracks with any household silicone spray. Usually, this is just the trick to make that door quiet! If the problem persists, we will be there. No matter the problem, we provide free estimates so that we can identify your problem, give you all of your options with quotes, and in most cases complete repairs while we are there to save you precious time. If you just want expierenced eyes on your door we offer a preventitive maintenance program called CPOD Elite. Every year we will visit you, completely service your door and opener and replace wear parts on a schedule before they break.

Garage Door Opener Service and Repair

The most common opener problem are those pesky (but federally required) photo eyes, also called Safety beams. They are located at the bottom of your door on the tracks of the garage door. If your door goes up but does not go down, check this first, you probably can realign them yourself and you wont need us. In the event that you have another problem we carry a full line of common parts for garage door openers. Bad gears, belts, screw carriages, beams, remotes, keyless entries, we have you covered. If you are interested in automating your home, we can even make your existing opener run from your cell phone.