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Custom Wood Doors are meant to be a reflection of your beautiful home. They should reflect the style of your home and your personality. Some doors which are not properly sealed when installed can fade and crack and make your home look tired and worn. Often builders have arrangements with wood garage door companies where the only requirements are that it has to be wood and it has to be cheap. Take a close look at the door below. Wood is cracked, it is dull, the color is run down. This is not that unusual for a builder wood door after 4 years on sun and weather.

Here are the steps we took to make this door match this home.

  • We removed the doors from the house and installed temporary doors so the client still had a functioning garage during the period we were working on the doors at our shop.
  • We removed the bad, warped, and stained wood from the front of the door.
  • We sanded the old faded finish off the doors.
  • We replaced the missing boards including the new trim.
  • We sanded the new boards to a smooth clean finish.
  • We sprayed the door with one coat of Sikkens 1 color product.
  • We sprayed two more coats of Sikkens 2-3 Sealer and UV protection product on the door.
  • We reweighed the door to ensure the correct spring system was on the new door.
  • We re-installed the refinished door on the new home.
  • We consulted with the client to determine her desires with the decorative hardware
  • We installed the decorative hardware according to her needs.
  • This job took about one month from the time of the first contact to completion.
This is what the final job looked like. The finish on this door is guaranteed to last longer and by us and the product manufacturer. And when it does start to fade, another sealer coat can be applied right over the old coat with no sanding. The new coat will add a little more color and keep your door sealed and shining for many years to come. If you think your house deserves to look better, Give us a call at CEDAR PARK OVERHEAD DOORS 512-335-7441. We’ll come on out and give you a FREE estimate to get your doors in shape. We look forward to hearing from you.

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