Garage Door Opener Repairs

We sell the best and fix the rest

We repair all garage door openers and stock parts for most of them.

While we prefer to sell LiftMaster operators, we understand that there and many other types out on the market. Some brands are better then others, but if you just want yours repaired we can do that too. In our area the most popular brands are listed below.

  • Craftsman – This is a Chamberlain operator that is sold only at Sears as an install it yourself model. It is made by the same company that makes LiftMaster, Chamberlain. It is a good brand of operator. Most LiftMaster parts are compatible. The big difference is that the Craftsman rails are hollow tubes that must be put together by the installer. This system is not as strong as LiftMaster but still a good system. We stock most parts for these.
  • Chamberlain – This is obviously made by chamberlain and is extremely similar to the Craftsman. Just like the craftsman it has a multi-piece rail that has to be assembled and can be packed into a small box for sale at the store. We stock most parts for these.
  • Genie – Overhead – This brand of operator is sold by Overhead door company and is found in a lot of builder homes. There have been a lot of revisions in the last 10 years to these models as they seek to increase reliability. For a time they were popular at home depot and Lowes. Chamberlain seems to be winning the battle at the box stores although the builders are still putting up a lot of these operators. We stock some parts for these.
  • Marantec – This operator is found in a lot of homes about 5 to 10 years old due to an agreement between Marantec and Wayne Dalton to produce a Value proposition to the builder. The Marantec is a German operator which is very quiet. It had a great warranty and some unique features. It is still sold today but the link between Wayne Dalton and the builders is different and there are much fewer new Marantec openers being installed.  We stock parts for these
  • Linear Operators – This operator is often found in apartment complexes with Linear controlled Gate systems. This allows for a common remote. We sell some of these operators and stock some parts for these operators.
  • Ryobi Operators – This operator is found in Home Depot and seems to be loaded with non garage door features ranging from speakers to air compressors. Not sure where this goes but we are going to wait before we start working on this operator. The do make good power tools though in my humble opinion.

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