Full View Doors

Also referred to as “Contemporary Aluminum and Glass” or “Glass Garage Doors”, Full View Doors offer the perfect choice for architectural applications that require bright light, open visibility, and a modern, industrial feel. These doors can be used as a standard exterior garage door, an interior partition, or even as a versatile patio door that can seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

Aluminum and Glass Doors are often used for restaurants, service and fire stations, car dealerships, and also commercial, retail, and office spaces. With a growing architectural appeal, Full View garage doors are more fashionable than ever and are an incredibly popular option for residential properties.

For privacy, frosted or tinted glass is best, which can also further enhance the beauty and functionality of these doors. More still, with their industrial, anodized aluminum construction, Full View garage doors sections require little to no upkeep other than the typical lubrication and spring system maintenance. (Note: mechanical parts such as rollers, springs, and tracks on any overhead door do still require the usual maintenance and periodic checks).


The look. No other door option is as contemporary or “en vogue”. The architectural appeal of this modern aesthetic is on the rise, and is attractive to many home-buyers and business patrons alike.

Creating a Viewing Space. This type of door can be the first step in creating a space with greater visibility and lighting, allowing you to take full advantange of the natural beauty of your property and its surrounding views.

Low maintenance and no rusting issues. Aluminum panels in these doors prevent rusting, and quality glass should last for many years to come.

Wide Color and Glass Options. Rather than strictly brushed aluminum, many manufacturers can also create options such as Dark Bronze, or Powder coat and color customers desire. Also different thickness and types of glass can be used to obtain different qualities like insulation, UV control and tinting requirements.


The weight. Full View Aluminum and Glass Doors are typically heavier than the standard steel door which may require additional structural considerations. 

Fragility of Glass. The glass used in the doors panels is more susceptible to breakage than other materials. 

Insulation. This door is more difficult to insulate and relies heavily on the insulation value of the type of glass used. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and has an R-value (measure of insulating effectiveness) that is lower than that of a typical steel door. 

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