Shady Garage Door Company Still Advertising In Austin

Jan 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

Last weekend I found the phone book lying in my driveway and at first I was wondering if anyone still used it. Mine will go from the driveway to the recycle bin. This time, I took a look to see who was still advertising in the book under the Garage Door section.

And as expected, the biggest ad was GDS. A two company, two page add by the same company. The phone book did have the integrity to put a label on the pages letting the customers know it was the same company. Both ads were from the Dallas GDS company who was named the “Worst Garage Door Company In The Nation”. One of their “Top Guns” arrested and found guilty in California for the “top Gun” work he was doing to customers there.

According to the article by To m Wadsorth CDDC in DASMA, ( a leading garage door technician for Garage Door Services (GDS) in San Diego has nine counts of felony residential burglary and nine counts of theft. Note: This Legal Proceeding has completed and the defendant has pled guilty to many of the charges. This same technician has received numerous awards from this company including “Leader of the Year”. Google actually banned them from advertising due to their deceptive trade practices.

The GDS companies listed are not local. The techs are I/Cs and when you call them you will be talking to someone in a Dallas call center and they will tell you they are whomever you think you are calling.

This is the same company (Cedar Parks Choice Overhead Doors) that has advertised in such a way for the last few years that many local customers believe it is our company that they are calling. This company is a national “system” that operates in many states. They all look “local” but are misleading.

To protect yourself, do this: If they ask for money or a Credit card for an estimate—Hang Up! That’s not the Real Cedar Park Overhead Doors. Call us at 512-335-7441 or go to

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