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Enjoy your Patio all Summer Long with Hydromist

by Dec 27, 2014Blog, Uncategorized

Hydromist Cooling Systems

Texas summers are hot, humid and long. Especially when the outside heat can make you feel tired, irritable and drained – even if you are just sitting out on your patio. Cedar Park Overhead Doors can help.

Although we’re known as a reliable garage door company in Austin, we are also an exclusive installer of HydroMist, a cutting-edge cooling system that can keep you dry and cool all summer long.

The patio is there for a reason: to let you enjoy the lovely days of summer. Barbeques with friends and neighbors. Sharing fun stories with family. Hours of reading your favorite novels. But with the intense heat of a Texas summer, you may be forced to give up these pleasures, seeking refuge indoors where it is cooler.

The unique HydroMist cooling system uses evaporation fans to cool your outdoor patio by as much as 25ºF – even in direct sunlight. The ‘cool-in-a-flash’ system creates a fine water vapor that cools and soothes, drawing heat from the air. HydroMist uses a professional high-pressure system to cool, but not dampen, the area.

That kind of high-performance outdoor cooling will be more than enough to help you enjoy your barbeque and other fun summer activities on your patio – even while the sun is blazing hot.

HydroMist also brings you comfort without leaving behind wet residue that can damage your patio furniture or leave you or your hair feeling wet and soggy. HydroMist’s unique flash evaporation system of misting fans creates cool temperatures, without the dampening effects created by other less-effective misting systems.

After installing the unit, our technician will educate you how to clean and maintain it. We can also perform annual checkups so that your HydroMist cooling system will stay efficient for hot summer months year after year.

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