Garage Door Openers

Jan 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

There is a garage door opener to suit any need or budget

So you are considering having a new garage door installed and you are not sure which door opener will best serve your needs. How do you make the right choice?

The good news is that there are quite a few garage door openers for you to choose from, considering such things as safety, convenience, high-tech features, noise, ease-of-use, customer support and, of course, budget. 

There are four basic types of door openers for your garage. What you choose will depend on how you use your garage and your budget. If you have a family member living over or near the garage, you will want to choose the quietest opener. If it doesn’t matter, you can save some money by choosing one that creates a bit more noise.

No matter which model you choose, it is vital that you choose a quality opener that you will be able to rely on every day. Getting stuck in the garage when you have got to shoot off to work or pick the kids up after school is no picnic!

Four types of openers

The first opener to look at is the ‘chain drive’ opener. These are economical, reliable and strong. With all the bells and whistles, the chain drive includes a solid rail, all-chain system, as well as safety eyes and a wall console.

The ‘screw drive’ opener is smooth and quiet, and considered a great mid-level garage door opener. Quieter than a chain drive, this one uses a steel rail with bearings to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

The ‘belt drive’ opener is the most quiet and strong and the most expensive. This is the best one if you have a mother-in-law or other family member living close to the garage door, helping to keep the family ‘peace.’

One of the most popular ones on the market today is the ‘jack shaft’ garage door opener, which is computer-controlled and operated by electronic modules that are positioned at the top of the door. When the user presses the button, the follow-up action uses radio waves and sensors to move the door up or down.

Many of these come with some fabulous high-tech options, including allowing you to control your garage door when you are away from home, helping to keep your family safe and sound.

Today, there is a garage door opener available today to suit any need or budget. Call your local overhead garage door company to discover which one is best for you and your family.