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We sell, service, and install dock levelers from multiple manufacturers. Call us today at 512-335-7441 for fast, fair, and qualified service.

Dock levelers are incredibly important to your warehouse operations and safety. We represent the McGuire Brand of Dock levelers and work on all makes and models. From mechanical, to Air Bag, to Pneumatic, we know how to get them operational ASAP. IF they are not working, your loading dock is down. We have welders on the truck to make repair quickly. A properly functioning Dock leveler makes the entire warehouse operation go smoother, Faster, and Safer. If it is  broken today and you need to fix it today , give us a call. We can get you back up and running at very fair prices. The national guys are awesome for installs but rarely available when you need service fast. We are ready. We have 12 commercial technicians in the Austin Metropolitan area working everyday. Our guys run at $125 per hour for one and $175 for two. No show up fee or call out charge. Compare that to what you are paying now. 512-335-7441. All of our work is guaranteed.  


We are a well-established Commercial Overhead Door Services business with a gold-star reputation for top-quality work that is delivered on time and on budget. We are the McGuire dock door Representative in Austin Texas. A High quality, high reliability manufacturer. McGuire also has the iDock system which helps management to monitor, control, and measure dock operations to include time to load, door open time, Leveler cycle counts and much other warehouse information. Go here to see what they can do. 

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    Why choose Cedar Park Overhead Doors?

    Here is a just some of what we can do for our Commercial Customers:
    • Annual Review—we will inspect your garage door inventory, ensuring that all your garage doors are working properly and efficiently. This is very important because regularly scheduled Tune-ups can help you avoid smaller problems that can turn into more serious, expensive ones later.
    • Maintenance Report—we will document the doors that need maintenance or repair and recommend a course of action, which will always provide you with value and efficiency. If a garage door can be repaired, we’ll do so. We’ll also recommend when we think a garage door presents a safety or security problem and needs to be replaced.
    • Inspection Program—our 17-point biannual inspection program can keep your maintenance costs low and your overhead garage doors working smoothly and efficiently.
    • Highly Qualified—our technicians are expertly trained in all the latest doors and openers and are OSHA-compliant to ensure the highest safety standards.
    • Standardized Pricing—our pricing is some of the most reasonable in the industry and you’ll find our quotes competitive. When we do a job for you, our invoices are straightforward and easy-to-understand and our pricing includes all parts and maintenance.
    • Guarantee and Warranty—we warranty all our work. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, we’ll make it right. And right away. Our highly trained technicians are able to service Cedar Park, the greater Austin area and surrounding cities in a timely, professional manner and are some of the best in the business.
    • Insurance—we are fully insured, with complete adherence to your contractor guidelines.
    • Always Available—we are available 24 hours a day and can respond to any garage door emergency.
    • Call Anytime—you have one number to call, from which we will dispatch a trained technician to take care of the problem. We can usually service or install a garage door the same day that you call

    17-Point Maintenance & Safety Check

    We provide a comprehensive maintenance program that ensures your doors and dock systems run smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. In fact, our bi-annual inspection can extend the life of your doors by up to 70%!
    • Inspection and alignment of track
    • Inspection/ maintenance of drums
    • Inspection/ maintenance of cables
    • Adjustment and lubrication of springs
    • Inspection and replacement of panels
    • Level and balance door
    • Roller lubrication and inspection
    • Inspection and lubrication of bearings
    • Inspection and securing all hardware
    • Inspection and setting all operator limits
    • Testing of sensor eyes
    • Testing and setting of up and down force
    • Inspection of dock leveler welds and mounts
    • Testing and maintaining leveler pumps and fluids
    • Inspection of dock seals
    • Inspection of dock bumpers
    • Maintenance of truck restraint systems

    Need A Repair Or New Install?

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