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Cedar Park Overhead Doors stocks a large supply of standard springs and can make most custom springs while you wait. This allows our technicians to fix a door the same day and if you are interested in purchasing a specific spring and you have experience repairing torsion springs on garage doors we will make you a spring for you. We strongly recommend that you bring in the broken springs so that we can match it to the new spring. We also stock cables, Drums, torsion tubes, and all of the other items you might need for repairing your garage door. It is always best to bring in the broken parts so that we can match the new part perfectly or give you a solution that will work. Almost everything you need is available for immediate pickup in either the Cedar Park main office (1408 N. Bell Blvd.) or in the Lakeway office (2009 N Ranch Road 620, Suite #140).

Spring replacement is difficult and potentially dangerous. Unless you have direct experience, we recommend getting us out to take a look instead. If you are coming by to pickup a spring from our warehouse, we recommend bringing the old one so that it can be accurately matched. In the event that you 

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