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24/7 Emergency Services
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Truck Door Repairs

You cannot afford to have your delivery truck down for weeks while you wait for a new spring or cables.

We can fix it fast.

If you have a service truck or delivery vehicle and the spring breaks on the back door,  you cannot afford to have that vehicle out of commission.

We stock most of the parts required for maintenance on those doors and can often get you up and running the same day.

Whiting, Todco, and other manufacturers parts are here in stock. We also carry panels to allow repairs to doors in an emergency. We can also order complete doors and get them installed for you.

Truck Door Damaged

Truck Or Dry Van Cargo Doors Are Heavy

The Door sections on a truck door can often weigh 150 lbs when they are down in the track on the back of your truck. If the spring breaks, it is going to be very hard to open that door and consider that you will be opening that door every stop on your route. That makes for a long and dangerous day.

From broken cables, to broken springs, busted rollers, rotting panels, and broken track. All of it can bring your deliveries to a halt.  Replacement and repair is a task that is difficult for the regular driver for many reasons.

First, the same panel or section from the same manufacturer must be used to make the door fit and look right on the outside.

Second, the door is heavy and often takes two people to work on.

Third, the springs on the door are powerful and tricky, even dangerous.

Fourth, being trapped inside the van or truck can be hazardous to your health if the door comes down and you get stuck inside.

Lastly, it is technical work with the specific requirement for the correct spring type and size. 

More about Truck Doors

Truck doors are a lot like garage doors in the way they function, however they are typically used a lot more frequently. With the increased use comes and increase in the amount of maintenance and failures of a truck door.

In the example of a the spring, or Balancer Assembly, the excessive opening and closing cycles will cause this spring to fail faster than a regular garage door. While the springs on a truck door are similar to a residential garage door there are differences. The inner diameter of the springs are different on truck doors. The drum sizes are very different and they require a specific wire size and inner diameter to work correctly and last as long as they are designed to do.

Replacing turck door springs and sections can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, especially if you are replacing a bottom section where the cables are attached to the springs at the top of the door. All of the cable tension must be gone and when you do this you need to reset the springs. All jobs best performed by a qualified truck door technician. 

Truck Door Parts. Drum, Rollers, Cables and Hinges

Our Manufacturers

TodCo – We qualified Truck door technicians for the TodCo style doors in the Austin area. We also stock parts for these doors. 

Whiting – We are an qualified WhitCo Truck door location and have access to all of their products.

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