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Decorative Hardware Garage Doors

Decorative Hardware?

From the Basic to the Elegant, there are many ways to Spice up the look of your current or New garage door. Decorative hardware comes in many different shapes and styles. Look below to see if there is something that interests you. They are listed from basic to extravagant.

Strap Handles and Hinges. Stamped Steel.

Strap Handles

This is the basic stuff. From the street it looks just fine but up close it lacks a little. Typically a small door gets two of these mounted in the center of the door to give the impression of a swing out carriage house type door.

Strap Hinges

Again basic stamped steel works great from the road. Typical door requires four of these per door. Some applications use 6 hinges per door. If you have a Double door, many times the hinges are doubled with one set on each side of the door. This requires two sets of four hinges and 2 sets of two Handles.

Wrought Iron Hinges


The Wrought Iron decorative hardware looks great from the road and keeps on going even as you walk up and touch the door. Remember, the handles on the door are not functional. They should not be used to lift the door although they may be OK if you do. Most doors with Decorative hardware have operators to do the lifting and the closing.

Versailles Decorative Hardware by AMARR.

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