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Carriage House Doors

The Carriage House style door is becoming more popular each year. When you walk down your street and look at all of the garage doors, you begin to notice that they are all the same. While consistency is nice, you can enhance the look of your home by making modest changes to your garage door style. With garage doors, a small change can make a big difference. Click Here to see some of the Carriage House Steel doors we have installed in the Austin area. Currently the big trends in Carriage House doors are the addition of faux wood paint colors to give the door a better look. While few will confuse this Finnish with real wood, many people find the look pleasant, especially if it complements other wood features and colors on the home. The basic carriage house door can be defined by a “Bead Board” structure, but many Manufacturers have expanded this concept greatly to include Recessed, Long Panel, and Raised panel options. Look here for some examples. Most manufacturers have some type of Carriage house style products. Each of these vendors provides a quality product which we have installed many times. Each vendor also has pro’s and con’s to their products. Call us to talk about what you find most valuable in your application.  To see their products directly, click on the logos below.

A carriage house door can also be upgraded to include windows, insulation, decorative hardware, Grilles, and enhanced finishes. One of the best ideas, is to look at photos of doors to find something that you think looks good on your home. Then give us at call (512-335-7441) to help you refine your pick to exactly the right door.

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