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Building a New Home in Austin

Home Builders and Garage Doors

Are you Building or Buying a new home from a Home Builder in Austin Texas?

In Austin today, there are a lot of new homes being built and you may be moving into one of them soon. Unless you are building a home with a very high end Custom Home builder, it may surprise you to know that the garage door on your home is selected by being the door with the lowest price.

Home builders and Garage Doors have an uneasy relationship. When they are installed early in the home build for security are often subjected to much abuse during the build process. When the home is completed, they are then painted to look new and to match the home.

We have worked with volume builders but many have National Sales accounts which they negotiate the manufacturer down to the rock bottom price regardless of door quality. We can’t blame them and we understand, but it’s your house and you wanted more on your BIG front door, so what can you do? Call us!

When you buy the home it always comes with a garage door. The cheapest garage door made. You might ask for an upgrade but the cost is ridiculous and it’s prohibitively expensive. This cuts down on headaches for the builder by making the upgrade price very high so it’s not worth it for you to choose it. Or if you do choose it, it is very profitable, Very Profitable.

You might pay another $1,000 for a $200 insulation upgrade and still have a low quality insulated door. If you tell the Builder that you already have a garage door company you would like to use, they mention that it will not be covered by the warranty and besides, they are not set up to use another door company. That’s too scary for most customers and builders. We understand. And why would you finance a $3000 door upgrade for 30 years?

The Solution?

Simply PASS on the door upgrade and call Cedar Park Overhead Doors at 512-335-7441 when the house is completed. We will quote you a price for a new door which will be much lower than their upgrade price and will be a better quality door.

Then we will put a three year parts and labor warranty on your new door. That’s three times longer than the warranty you would have had on the builders door. This way, you get a better door at a lower price and your warranty increases by three times.

The door they put in didn’t cost you anything and it didn’t cost them very much either. They won’t give you a credit for it but we will credit you $100 and haul it away. And later if you do have a problem with our door, we are ready to fix the problem.

If they gave you a Free opener with the home, we will gladly connect it to the new door we put in. If not, save money and get the best, LiftMaster operators are know for their durability, and features.

Amarr Heritage - Long Panel Traditional Style - Walnut Woodgrain - Frosted windows with Sunray inserts

Thinking your new home deserves a Custom Wood Door?

This system is especially true for Custom Wood Doors. We build a much higher quality door to your specifications at prices that are much less than theirs without the crazy markup. Plus the wood doors they put in, are built by vendors competing to be the lowest price often by using the worst components including Wood, hardware, and door sections.

Our Custom Wood doors don’t have exposed nails or staples on the face of the door. They are stained with three coats of UV stain so they don’t fade in the first or second year, they also have commercial grade hardware to handle the extra weight of the doors for safety. Even our wood doors come with a three year warranty on parts and labor. Go here to see some of the wood doors that we have built and installed in the last 6 years.

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is another story. If your new house doesn’t come with one, then have us put it in after the home is completed. LiftMaster is the premier garage door opener manufacturer and we guarantee it for three years including the labor. They have all the latest features including battery backup, Camers, internet gateways, Amazon Key, and extremely quiet operation.

If your new home comes with an opener already then keep it until it breaks and then give us a call at 512-335-7441.
If you want to learn more or see the wide assortment of doors in our showroom, call us at 512-335-7441 or Visit us at our main showroom in Cedar Park at 1401 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park TX 78613.

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Note: We are not saying builders are bad, it’s just that they have a system and upgrades and changes cost them time and money so they charge a lot for them. We think quality garage doors should not be an expensive upgrade.