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Door Tune-Up

Door Tune-Up

Only $39 for the first door and $29 for each door after that.

Note: This pricing is for residential doors only
A door Tune-Up is recommended at least every two years to make sure that your door and motor are working correctly. There are more than 70 pieces on a garage door and opener and if you park in your garage or use it like a front door it gets used a thousand times per year. Lubricating the door is important for proper operation. Also an inspection is done to verify parts are not worn out or fasteners have not become loose or safety features are working correctly or have been disabled.  A Tune-up is a way to make sure that little problems do not become big problems. Addressing things early can save a lot of time and money. When we Tune-Up your door, we do a 20 point check list to make sure everything is up to specifications. See the checklist below for specific items inspected. A Door tune-Up should take about 10 to 15 minutes and can prevent trouble in the future as well as extend the life of your garage door or opener. Call us today to get your scheduled.
Door Tune Up Verify or tighten all hardware Adjust/verify cables Adjust/verify drums Adjust/verify spring tension Level door Inspect hinges, brackets, and other door hardware Inspect rollers for wear on bearings Adjust track and tighten all bolts and screws Inspect end bearing plate and center bearing plate Inspect torsion spring shaft Test door balance Tighten all support strut hardware Operator Tune UP  Test reversing safety system features & adjust settings Test & adjust up force & down force Inspect rail system for gear or belt wear Lube rail parts. Adjust chain if applicable Test safety eye beam alignment Verify correct remote programming Discuss MyQ functionality and connect door to MyQ if desired  

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