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Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Reliable. Low Maintenance. Quiet.

Belt Drive openers are considered to be the most reliable and lowest maintenance systems. A reinforced belt and shock absorber system limit the sometimes noisy sound  of metal chains making belt drive operators incredibly quiet.

Don’t think a garage door can be as quiet as a front door? Come out to our showroom and hear for yourself!

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Pros & Cons

Less Noise
Typically, belt drive operators are slightly quieter. Chain can bounce slightly. The less moving metal, the quieter the machine.

These motors have a Slow Start, Slow Stop functionality, reducing stress on the gears and reducing future maintenance expenses.

Premium Warranty
Liftmaster offers a lifetime warranty on their belt-driven MOTOR, and 5-year year warranty on parts.

Slightly costlier
Belt-driven operators are slightly more expensive than their chain-driven counterparts. See pricing for more details.

Some of Our Belt Drive Openers

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The best way to see some of the options available is to come to our showroom and take a look for yourself!

Some we carry in stock, and others might take 1-3 weeks to order. For more information about a specific type of opener, give us a call.

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