A garage door is one of the most important concerns for your garage. It ensures better security and safety of your car in the garage. Hence, it is important to choose a door which is sturdy and durable. But at the same time, mechanism of the door is equally important. Nowadays, automated garage doors are quite popular because of better convenience. When it comes to automatic operation of the garage doors, the main component is the torsion spring. It does all the heavy lifting.

Automated Garage Doors

Automated Garage Doors

Anatomy of a Garage Door Operator

There are various parts and components in a garage door operator. Here are some of them:

  1. Motors and gears: The motor is one of the crucial parts of the operator which is typically a 6 amp machine that is hooked to an outlet of 120V. The motor and gears can operate the closing and opening of the door. It can also slow down the door in the transit to prevent a crash.
  2. Drive guide: This drive guide actually guides as well as shields the chain, belt and screw as they move the door for closing and opening. It also connects the operator with the trolley and they both are connected to the door.
  3. Adjustment of height: The settings of the operator will determine the distance that the door will travel. The machine will make some adjustment when the door isn’t closing or opening properly.
  4. Inverter and battery: Often the smaller yet efficient motors are powered by DC currents. When the power is out, the inverter switches AC power of the household to DC. This is also used for charging up a battery for providing power.

What are the Drive Mechanisms?

There are different types of mechanism for the garage doors that are operated automatically. Here are some of the drive mechanisms that are quite popular:

  • Belt Mechanism: Though this is one of the costliest drive options, it is also the quickest option available in the market. The body of this belt is made up of polymer which is molded into nubby teeth like surface on a side.
  • Chain Mechanism: This is one of the oldest and cheapest technologies derived from, the bike-chain style for opening garage doors. But the chain makes a loud sound while opening.
  • Screw Mechanism: A threaded shaft is responsible for connecting the operator to the trolley while the arm of it reaches for the door. The thread needs lubrication with silicone for smooth operation but the trolley wears out more quickly than any other options. It comes at a medium price range and a medium noise level.


So, if you are looking for one of the automated garage doors for your garage, then you can definitely look for these mechanisms. While choosing the best one, you must consider some of the most obvious factors like price, noise level, convenience as well as durability. After considering all these factors, you can take a decision about the type of garage door you will want for your garage. Make sure to keep all the needs as well as requirements in mind while choosing. If you would like more information regarding your garage, Cedar Park Overhead Doors has skilled professionals ready to answer your questions.