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CPOD vs. Home Depot

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CPOD vs. Home Depot
Thinking about buying your garage doors from Home Depot?

Home Depot does sell garage doors and as you might expect they sell them for a reasonable price. So how do we compete with Home Depot to sell doors. Well here is how:

Home Depot sells door from a single vendor. We can also sell the same exact doors from the same manufacturer. They are nice doors. Actually, they range from cheap doors to nice doors. The doors in stock on the shelves are the cheap doors. They are small enough so that they can be safely installed by the average customer. We sell better doors and we have them in stock. If you decide you really want to spend 10 hours in your garage installing your own doors, come buy them from us. We have more styles and more parts in stock and ready to go We also can give you better advice and help in the event that things don’t work out like you planned.

Let’s say you want a nice door from Home Depot, well in that case things become a little more complicated. First, you read the Kiosk information to get close to what you want. Then you talk to the nice man at the desk who might be preoccupied selling Windows, carpet, lumber, lawn furniture, electrical parts, and pesticides. He goes through the checklist and gets you some prices, then sets up a site inspection for a couple of days in the future. After that the door is ordered and in two or three weeks the door shows up.

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