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Most Important Door in the House,” According to New Survey

A majority of Americans consider the garage door to be ‘the most important door in the house” and — will even bring their mother-in-law in through the garage, according to a just released survey by Austin-based Cedar Park Overhead Doors (CPOD).

The “Most Important Door in the House Survey” found that 67% of Americans primarily use the garage door to enter their homes, while only 22% use the front door (11% enter through a side door). In fact, a trusting 12% do not even carry their front door key anymore!

Even more surprising, 30% of Americans now take their mother-in-law into the house through the garage door, rather than through the more reverential front door.

“The role of the garage door has changed radically over time,” says CPOD owner Don Grenier. “Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of taking our most respected relatives in through the garage door. Today, however, nearly a third of Americans find it perfectly acceptable to bring guests in through the garage. This is just one more reason why we need to ensure an attractive, functional overhead garage door in perfect working order,” adds Don.

The survey was carried out by Cedar Park Overhead Doors, which has been installing and servicing garage doors in the greater Austin, Texas area since 1979.
So important is this door today that a malfunctioning one gets top priority for the majority of American homeowners. More than 60% report they have not put off fixing the overhead garage door because they thought it was too expensive.

However, 60% of Americans never service their garage doors (an annual tune-up is highly recommended), which may account for the 44% of homeowners’ overhead doors that have malfunctioned in the past 12 months, according to survey results.

Multi-Purpose ‘Room’

And just what do Americans do in their garages? For a good percentage, it’s time for a clean out. Twenty-five percent store so much junk in their garages that there simply is no room to park their cars.

And while the garage may not be a refuge for their automobiles, the garage is a pretty good hideaway from their loved ones. Nearly a quarter of respondents admit to using the garage as a place of retreat from their spouse or partner. As you might expect, more men than women can be found hiding out in the garage (33% and 16% respectively), according to the CPOD “Most Important Door in the House Survey.”
Perhaps related, the CPOD survey found that 3% of Americans have actually slept in their garages.
And what is America’s favorite inside-the-garage pastime? The survey found Arts & Crafts (10%), fixing cars (8%), hiding from spouses (7%), recreational games (5%) and doing laundry (4%) were the best ways to hang out in the garage.

And while they’re in the garage, a good percentage won’t be far away from their refreshments. That’s because 43% of Americans report having an extra refrigerator in their garage, with beer (37%), frozen foods (33%) and soft drinks (20%) as their favorite things to store.

And what is the ‘weirdest thing” Americans report doing in their garage? Merriment abounds, including all-night poker games, Super Bowl parties and rained-out family reunions and birthday celebrations.

The animal kingdom looms large; Americans report herding goats, stalling horses, hunting mice, killing rats, chasing copperhead snakes and storing the family bunny.

And what happened to the 62% of Americans who report locking themselves out of their houses in the past year?

A lucky 7% had been able to get right back in by climbing through their pet doors. Good going for the 16% of Americans who report having a pet door in their house.

“For the vast majority of Americans,” says Don of Cedar Park Overhead Doors, “the garage door is clearly the ‘most important door in the house.’ This means it is vitally important to use high-quality doors that conform to rigorous safety standards and get regular tune-ups. This will go a long way to ensuring the safety and security of you and your family,” says Don.

Family Owned & Operated

Since 1979, CPOD has been installing and servicing garage doors and openers in the Austin area, including steel doors, carriage-house doors, wood doors and the latest innovation—wood-free doors; as well as the very latest in garage door openers, outside keypads and remotes.

Visit the CPOD Showroom!

Garage door and opener samples are available in the Cedar Park Overhead Door showroom off Hwy. 183, where customers will find everything they need to choose a new garage door or opener. Or – a technician can visit a residence or business for a free estimate.

CPOD is celebrating five years of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is A-Rated. It is an Angie’s List Super Service Winner and a proud member of the International Door Association.

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