Garage Doors

What Are You Looking For In A Door?

Steel Doors

Steel Doors The “Classic”. Steel is a great material with good strength and light weight. For the past thirty years, galvanized steel has been the choice for builders and homeowners. Today, many new styles of steel doors make this type of door the most durable and popular door installed today. Click here to see some examples of steel doors.

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Carriage House

The Carriage house door is becomming more popular with homeowners whoi are looking some something a little more interesting. Although they are technically made of steel, the pattern is more distinct and window options can really make this door add to the homes presence. Click here to see some examples of Carriage House doors.

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Custom Wood Free

The CustomWood Free door is actually an insulated steel door with an inch thick, closed cell foam pattern overlayed on the top of the door. The advantage of the Wood Free overlay is that the pattern resembles wood very closely and gives the look of furniture quality wood where actual furniture quality wood doors cost twice as much and have limited durability. We build these doors to your specifications. Click here to see more about wood free doors.

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Custom Real Wood

The Custom Real wood door is a steel commmercial door covered with cedar or another wood if desired to create a pattern that matches the home. Also it allows for a stain color to be applied that can really enhance the look of a home. Our doors have a three coat finnish that protects the wood and give the great look while still having the reliabililty of a steel door inderneath.

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Full View Aluminum

The Full view Aluminum doors is a very distinct, Low maintenance door, which can have a lot of glass options and viewing area. This door can be designed for an industrial presentation or a contemporary influence. It is a very durable and strong door when the correct glass options are selected. Films can be applied to the glass to give even more room for choice.

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We carry the best garage doors, openers and their accessories in the business. In fact, the features on our garage doors typically far exceed the standard garage doors that are found on new homes. We are independent and have access to most of the garage door manufacturers—even the ones sold at Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco. And, we charge less for a better product than the big box stores. We compare their prices and products weekly and in almost every case, we give you more garage door for less money. Also, we install much more quickly, typically in less than three days, and our three year installation warranty on parts and labor far exceeds any that the box store’s contractors will offer you. Amarr has created a “Door Designer Program” which can assist you in deciding on a door that fits your house. Click here to go there. And remember, we are an AMARR MASTER PLUS dealer.

All of our doors have rollers with ball bearings to provide years of quiet, smooth garage door operation. Hinges are full size and 14-gauge steel, which last longer and are less likely to wear. We only use torsion spring systems on our garage doors because they are designed to maintain a level, smooth door operation. These extras ensure that your garage door lasts for years. You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at us and let us put a great door in your home, with a great warranty, and timely service. Plus, we are a local, family owned business.To see our wide variety of quality garage doors, openers and hardware, please visit our Showroom at 1408 N Bell Blvd. (Hwy 183 in Cedar Park). The southbound frontage road just before Lakeline Blvd. It is before the corner of Hwy 183 and Monaco. Click here for the map. Garage doors come in many styles, sizes, and colors today. We have divided them into five categories below for you to start looking for something that fits your needs. At times we take you directly to the manufacturers website where they keep up with the their new products faster than us. Remember, we are AMARR Master Plus and Clopay Preferred dealers with our main vendors. Our prices are great and our deliveries are faster. We typically get a truck delivery every week. We also have a large number of doors in stock at all times, allowing us to install your preferred door today or tomorrow.

We also sell quality doors from Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and Raynor. All good companies with quality products.